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Industry Categories

Associations & Non-Profit

BBB National Programs

Implemented by

BBB needed a flexible online experience that could continuously evolve over time as its needs grew. With Sitefinity, it consolidated multiple siloed sites into a single, secure site experience. The new multisite implementation has driven 10% more organic search traffic.

Dairy Council of California

Implemented by Mindstream Interactive

Looking to get more of their educational content in the hands of teachers, Dairy Council of California implemented Sitefinity, Ucommerce and its custom CRM solution to provide a seamless, personalized ecommerce experience which has driven over 1900 transactions so far.

World Health Organization

Migrated by Progress

Leading the world throughout the uncertainty of COVID-19, World Health Organization experienced an enormous increase in traffic to their site - 1.4 billion users. To deliver quick, unwavering access to critical information, WHO migrated to Sitefinity Cloud, achieving 0% content-authoring downtime, 100% CI/CD automation and 100% automation towards multi-channel content-delivery.

Consumer Goods & Services

NM Money Gold

Implemented by Jerboa Media Ltd.

Under a deadline to deliver a new website in five weeks to promote its online conference, NM Money Gold needed an agile CMS. With the help of headless content management and template-driven content creation, it met its deadline and implemented centralized hub for other NM Money Group companies and activities.

Osborne Quality Seeds

Implemented by Premier Group

Migrating from its legacy ERP to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Osborne Quality Seeds implemented Sitefinity and SmarterCommerce to streamline ecommerce operations and customers’ shopping experience. The new implementation drove an 800% increase in Cyber Monday sales and a 300% increase in organic search.


Implemented by Datec (Fiji) Pte Ltd.

Vodafone needed a CMS that enabled custom application integration for better workflows and operations. Implementing Sitefinity, Vodafone was able to create dynamic content and publish it across additional channels such as social media.


Laird Plastics

Implemented by Laird Plastics

Laird Plastics needed a new website for customers to view product inventory in real-time. Sitefinity integrated with SmarterCommerce allowed it to manage 55,000 products with part numbers, account history and pricing and present that information across multiple brand channels, supplemented by LiveChat support.

Tom Tailor
Implemented by Vareo

To ensure business continuity when the pandemic impacted brick-and-mortar sales, Tom Tailor implemented Sitefinity and Ucommerce in just three months. After just ten days, Tom Tailor’s site was out earning the average brick-and-mortar store on a daily basis by 10%.

Troxel Helmets

Implemented by Premier Group

Troxel Helmets wanted to improve agility and ecommerce operations, due to having to manually process orders from Shopify to its ERP. After implementing Sitefinity and SmarterCommerce, it was able to reduce overhead associated with manual customer service processes.


Hellenic American Education Foundation

Implemented by DOPE Studio

With eight schools and multiple personas such as students, parents, faculty and donors, Hellenic American Education Foundation needed to deliver a streamlined, tailored online experience. Using Sitefinity and Sitefinity Insight, it is now able to increase audience engagement and conversions for events and donations.

Implemented by TAFE SA

TAFE SA was looking to redesign their site by putting the student at the heart of all changes. Looking to drive application submissions for courses and improve the mobile experience, its reimagined UX has driven 1.5% more conversions.

Transact Campus

Implemented by Transact Campus

Transact Campus wanted to increase brand awareness and drive conversions for more demo requests. Sitefinity acts as a centralized tool for departments across the organization to provide content to users and an integral piece of building a new brand image.

Energy & Utilities


Implemented by

Cleco’s web content had grown significantly over the years and its old CMS made it difficult to manage, make mobile friendly and ADA compliant. With a new Sitefinity-powered customer experience, Cleco’s ranking in a yearly electric utility residential customer satisfaction study improved, due to its more effective communications.

High Innovative Fuels

Implemented by LFi

To spread the word of its green hydrogen technologies and partnership with Siemens and Porsche, HIF needed an equally innovative digital experience. By choosing Sitefinity, HIF saw positive metrics across the board in page load speed, performance across various devices and SEO indexing.


Implemented by Siili Solutions

Wärtsilä wanted to improve site performance and conversion rates. After migrating the site to MVC, leveraging Sitefinity Insight and multichannel management, its page speed score increased from 5 points to over 50 points – helping drive traffic and in turn, conversions.

Financial Services


Implemented by SilverTech

Aiming to enhance the customer experience, BankPlus implemented an integrated solution with Salesforce CRM, ERP, and Marketing Automation with Sitefinity. By leveraging headless content management, multisite and multichannel management, it was able to increase conversions.

Kensington Mortgages

Implemented by Rika Digital

Looking to increase visibility and sales-volume, Kensington Mortgages needed a faster, more intuitive site experience that would improve lead generation. With Sitefinity and Sitefinity Insight, it began personalizing web content based on persona, leading to a positive increase in goal conversions and new mortgage applications.

Legal & General America

Implemented by

With aggressive growth goals over the next few years, Legal & General America was looking to increase traffic and deliver an innovative customer experience. Using Sitefinity and Sitefinity Insight it built a personalized experience across multiple channels. Organic sessions increased 17.7% and conversions increased 9.5%


Concordia Plans

Implemented by

Concordia Plans sought to find an easy-to-use publishing platform that provided measurable value to employees and members through a frictionless online experience. In addition, Sitefinity brought with it well-documented benefits such as lower cost, faster implementation and a reduced burden on IT resources.

Beaumont ACO

Implemented by Enqbator

Beaumont ACO needed an easy way to share documents with their physician members and its clinic management/administrative staff that was secure, HIPAA compliant and personalized. They already had its main public website as well as 5 other websites running on Sitefinity, so deciding on Sitefinity was easy.

Clínica Universidad de los Andes

Implemented by LFi

The main challenge was to have a platform that facilitated the scheduling of medical appointments. But with the onset of the pandemic, they needed a more complete communication channel. Ease of administration, high performance, and cybersecurity were a must. With Sitefinity, loading times improved and visits increased.


UPC Insurance

Implemented by Spinutech

UPC Insurance's website has been on the Sitefinity platform since 2019, however its forms were still within the WordPress platform. It wanted to migrate all 15 forms into Sitefinity to manage all areas of the website in one platform. A Custom Reporting feature was developed to allow UPC Insurance team members to easily pull monthly reports for each form.

Homeowner Safety Valve

Implemented by Chateaux Software Development

Safety Valve did not have the ability for customers to enroll via self-service ecommerce on its website. ecommerce functionality was key. Multisite management and granular roles and permissions were important for separating Safety Valve from another website while sharing the infrastructure and administrators. One unique feature that stands out is the custom built "Eligibility Calculator".

IMG - International Medical Group

Implemented by IMG

IMG needed a CMS that allows for multi-site management, language coordination, content management, and widget development, along with the privacy and security needed when working with private medical and health information and data. Since launch, the site has seen a 18.9% increase in conversion rate, while pages per session are up 25.2%.


ADS Sustainability

Implemented by Mindstream Interactive

ADS was a growing business and needed to reposition its purpose and business focus. The combination of author friendly UI, personalization capabilities and extensibility of Sitefinity proved ideal for its sustainability website. The site features integrations with Pardot, Bynder, Salesforce and LiveChat.

Terex Powerscreen

Implemented by Siili Solutions

Terex uses Sitefinity as the main platform for all its public services and as an API hub for other third-party services. Terex Powerscreen was a migration project from Wordpress. The previous website had security issues. In addition, the team aimed to improve productivity and performance for both editors and end users. Site visits rose by 40% after launch.

Classic Systems

Implemented by Enqbator

Classic Systems had a very old website, built on Wordpress over 10 years ago, which was not being updated frequently. Competitor sites had an edgier look and the Classic Systems team wanted a site more in line with its competitors. The new site offers a modern look & feel and a smooth user experience. The site integrates with Google API.

Public Sector

3rd Circuit Court of Michigan

Implemented by Enqbator

Sitefinity helped the 3rd Circuit Court provide online access to new features including e-filing of cases, online attorney assignment and automatic payment to attorneys. These important advancements have provided efficiency and increased throughput for the large case flow volume. The site also offers implementation of SMS alerts signup to notify individuals of changes in court date, hearing postponements, etc.

Secretary of Economic International Relations of Chile

Implemented by LFi

Subrei is a new government agency that needed to have a high-standard digital presence. Subrei is the government office in charge of Economic International Relations including purchasing COVID-19 vaccines, which has given much relevance and visits to the website. The site has had 10x traffic peaks versus its previous version, without any failure.

Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) Volunteer Hub

Implemented by Equilibrium

DFES performs a critical role coordinating emergency services for a range of natural disasters and emergency incidents in Western Australia. Volunteers registered with DFES require access to the hub from remote locations, meaning the hub's speed and performance was crucial. Sitefinity played a vital part in empowering the development team to build a fast and responsive UI and meet the WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility compliance requirement.

Real Estate & Construction

Bird Construction

Implemented by Flywheel Strategic

Bird Construction was approaching an impressive milestone: 100 years of building the future. The new website needed to breathe new life into the brand. Results were immediate: engagement increased by 20% as session duration shot up; mobile traffic accounts for a bigger share of visits (up by 11%), page download time improved by 87%.


Implemented by Siili Solutions

Ruukki needed a high-performance, mobile-friendly, and technically-up-to-date website, reflecting its new brand and offerings and supporting the growth targets of the company. Their existing Sitefinity site was using Web Forms, so it decided to migrate to ASP.NET MVC. After launch, Ruukki’s Google site speed rating went up by 700% and leads went up by 50%.

BTC City

Implemented by Vareo

BTC City needed a modern website to support its ambitious digital marketing strategy. With Sitefinity, the marketing team managed to achieve all planned goals. The website traffic increased by 225%, time spent on page increased by 300%, pages per session increased by 108% and time to publish was optimized from 2 weeks to 1 day.


Solo Network

Implemented by Solo Network

Solo Network needed a new website to better represent its brand and improve its digital presence. Migrating from Wordpress to Sitefinity helped them positively impact the targeted metrics - Google ranking improved and site visits increased. The site integrates with their custom-built ERP and internal marketing publishing systems.

MTS Armenia

Implemented by MTS Armenia

MTS Armenia moved from a home-grown CMS to Sitefinity to solve its then-current content management challenges. It already had other internal and external web properties running on Sitefinity and found it very effective in terms of multisite management with non-technical team support. The MTS Armenia site integrates with local payment systems.

Argo Ventures

Implemented by Argo Ventures Digital

After 4+ years providing top quality services for its clients, Argo Ventures finally turned to its own website and revamped it completely so that it demonstrates their skills, ambition, and success. Now the website acts as an example when performing trainings or showcasing a specific functionality to clients and prospects.

Specialty Categories


Morgan Olson Parts

Implemented by Premier Group

Morgan Olson required an ecommerce solution that offered integration to JD Edwards while including market leading content management capabilities. SmarterCommerce together with Sitefinity provided the ideal fit – driving 75-80 new customer sign ups each month.

Virginia Tractor

Implemented by Team SI

Wanting to drive leads for its tractors, Virginia Tractor leveraged Sitefinity's content specific analytics to understand user interaction with tractor inventory. With headless content management and a revamped presentation, visitors’ time on site has increased.


Implemented by

XtraLease’s previous site experience was not mobile friendly, optimal for SEO or fully integrated with critical business systems. With Sitefinity, XtraLease implemented a solution that was integrated with its own data services, offered responsive design and optimized to generate increased organic traffic.

Graphic Design


Implemented by Enqbator

Enqbator needed to revamp the representation of its brand and constituents it serves. With an enhanced brand and content experience, Enqbator increased traffic to the site as well as engagement, with a 52% improvement in sessions and 19% improvement in session duration.


Implemented by Spinutech

Completely redesigning its site experience, BankUnited introduced new brand colors and illustrations while continuing to maintain multiple pieces of content, workflows and permissions across multiple sites. The new site captivates visitors.


Implemented by LOGISZ

Focusing on updating its clients' websites, LOGISZ had fell behind on updating its own site. Looking to better provide tailored content, a revamped brand to its clientele, LOGISZ implemented Sitefinity. In turn, average time on site has increased by a staggering 69% and the bounce rate dropped with 19%.


Academy of Management

Implemented by Vanguard Technology

Academy of Management moved from an old Ektron implementation to Sitefinity and now enjoys increased site usage and traffic, greater use on mobile devices and expanded audience. The site integrates with other content platforms like Higher Logic, Atypon and IMIS SSO. The site pushes RSS feeds of its blog content into the Higher Logic community platform.


Implemented by SwissSalary

SwissSalary wanted to upgrade its existing Sitefinity site and implement a new design and increase performance. After the upgrade, website views are steadily increasing and thanks to Sitefinity features and widgets the user experience is optimized, which has a positive impact on the sales process. News are displayed via RSS feed directly in its software and on an intranet.

Hospital del Trabajador

Implemented by LFi

The Hospital del Trabajador website is part of a migration project of multiple websites of the ACHS organization. Ease of administration, high performance and cybersecurity were a must. After launch, uptime is 100%, compared to endless drops on the previous sites. The site publishes content to its mobile app via API Rest.


MyGenielift Distributors Portal

Implemented by Siili Solutions

This project is a B2B portal. Terex/Genie wanted to create a self-service system where business clients (distributors) could have quick access to marketing, technical and financial data. In less than 3 months, over 3000 distributors started using the new portal for day-to-day work The portal has many integrations, including SharePoint Online, Azure B2C, Oracle TMS, Dell Boomi APIs, CDN, Elastic Search and more.

RedSail Hub

Implemented by Smooth Fusion

RedSail Technologies is the parent company of two major pharmacy software brands: QS/1® and Integra®, and wanted to unite existing support websites, use single sign-on and improve the search experience. RedSail immediately saw a 30% resolution rate for those who read knowledge articles. The RedSail Hub uses the Portal Connector for Microsoft Dynamics from the Progress® Marketplace.

Mekorma Sales and Support Portal

Implemented by Smooth Fusion

Mekorma Enterprises needed a secure web portal to replace outdated processes for customer support, product ordering and renewals. The results include a decreased service team admin time by 20 hours a week, 80% improvement in case closure rates, increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The portal integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Avalara, PayFabric, etc.

Sitefinity Cloud


Implemented by InvestorCom

InvestorCom has helped financial organizations build websites for over 15 years and needed to migrate over 40 sites to a new CMS that minimized IT overhead and allowed the marketing team to maintain multiple websites. InvestorCom migrated all clients to Sitefinity Cloud seamlessly, significantly reducing overhead and maximizing ROI.

Kubota USA

Implemented by TracTru, LLC

Kubota USA needed to ensure it was delivering an always-on experience to customers throughout peak traffic periods. By moving to Sitefinity Cloud, Kubota USA can manage a multisite experience, develop custom widgets and enhance the Kubota Customer Journey efficiently and with zero downtime and 18% increase in sessions.

Seafarers’ Pension Fund

Implemented by Siili Solutions

An old site experience did not support Seafarers’ Pension Fund’s goals of optimizing content for accessibility and SEO and driving conversions. Offering a multichannel experience powered by Sitefinity Cloud, customers easily can find the content they’re looking for and subscribe to Seafarer news.

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