Machine Translation Connector for Microsoft Translator for Sitefinity

Real-Time Text Translation with Microsoft Translator API

Deliver Powerful Multi-Lingual Content To Your Global Audience

Microsoft Translator API is a neural machine translation service which enables broad multi-lingual support for Sitefinity. Use Microsoft Translator to drive global communication, translate your site into different alphabets, review alternative translations, and build custom translation systems.

Multilingual Content

Develop Content That Can Be Used Universally

  • Seamless Integration
    Microsoft Translator API integrates seamlessly with Sitefinity CMS. Utilize Microsoft's translation capabilities, within Sitefinity's page, content, and text editors.
  • Intuitive Translation
    With neural machine powered translation, enjoy automatic translation detection as well as alternative phrase recommendations. Spend less time translating and more time deploying content.
  • Targeted to Your Audience
    Utilize the ability to build custom translation capabilities that specifically benefit your audience, customers, or industry. Deliver the targeted content experience that your audience desires.
  • Optimized Content Delivery 
    Reduce translation time for real-time translation and offline translation support. Make communicating to multiple audiences easy and efficient.