Hawksearch for Sitefinity

Search on your terms.

HawkSearch's Sitefinity connector offers both simple out-of-the-box integration and the full customizability within its code, allowing technical and non-technical merchandisers build the strategies they need to growth their eCommerce sites.

Built by a Progress developer, the HawkSearch Sitefinity connector is capable of performing delta data-indexing in real-time, as eCommerce merchandisers adjust their websites. Additionally, the connector seamlessly transfers data by using Sitefinity's own data pipelines. Sitefinity platform users can utilize HawkSearch's machine learning and codeless management to build their site's advantage, offering a personalized user experience and easily implementing widgets for both Vue and React SDKs.

With HawkSearch, eCommerce site owners can drive traffic while boosting conversion and the average order value in order to grow their operation.