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Webhooks enable data activation for downstream marketing systems

February 08, 2023

Optimizing multi-touch journeys is one of the key success factors of digital marketing – and that frequently requires making different systems work in accord. Integrating Sitefinity Insight with downstream marketing systems has just become 10x easier. With the new webhooks module, you’d be able to securely send contact data to your CRM, marketing automation, or any other data source immediately upon an event registered by Insight. When Insight registers a new contact, an existing contact qualifies for a persona segment, or moves along a funnel with an updated lead score, this data can be operationalized to automatically update the contact attribute in a CRM, add the contact to a specific email list, trigger an email, or invoke a specific action that was implemented with an IPaaS, such as Zapier or Microsoft Logic Apps.

We have created a short demo showing how to integrate Sitefinity Insight with MailChimp using webhooks and Microsoft Power Automate. Using the approach shown, you can easily connect Sitefinity Insight to other martech systems, or, really, any web system that can consume webhooks. You can watch the video and learn more about using Webhooks here.

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