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Sitefinity Insight AI-Driven Content Recommender Replaces Deprecated Recommendations Feature

May 15, 2023

The Recommendations feature of Sitefinity Insight is deprecated. We recommend that customers transition to the new AI-driven content recommender, compatible with Sitefinity 14.3 and later.

In the last two years, the Sitefinity Insight team has made significant investments in developing and introducing advanced product capabilities incorporating AI algorithms. Following the releases of the AI-based attribution analysis, Insight Alerts and segment discovery, we made available the Content Recommender. It implements 1-1 personalization to optimize customer journeys for shorter paths to conversions based on analysis of visitor interactions with your content. The new content recommender implements a significantly more sophisticated AI algorithm, which made the earlier Recommendations feature obsolete.

The Content Recommender is a premium feature available to Sitefinity Insight customers with subscriptions and requires Sitefinity 14.3 or later. Learn about our early adopter pilot program to transition to Sitefinity Insight’s new AI content recommender.

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