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Personas: Enhancements in persona scoring rules

June 07, 2019

To make audience segmentation more multi-dimensional, in addition to persona scoring rules based on visitor behavior, you can now define rules based on any defined or automatically detected contact profile property and its string value. To define personalization segments with greater accuracy, you can also create rules with a combination of contact properties. Personalizing your visitors’ experiences based on such criteria helps you account for personal characteristics, demographics, or even specific marketing campaigns.

You also have the option to define negative persona scoring. This is useful when a visitor behavior or personal characteristics diminish the relevance to or become totally irrelevant to a certain persona definition. This gives you the flexibility to fine-tune segmentation of visitors to the right personas throughout their journey and interactions. Thus, if a visitor is already identified as a Marketer persona but keeps on completing interactions that are more relevant for the Developer persona, they may score negative points. As a result, they may as well not pass the Marketer threshold anymore and not be associated with this persona from this point onward. Additionally, you can apply a “knock off” negative score, for example to a Developer persona rule. This rule can be based on the title of the contact. If the title contains the term “Marketing”, a significant negative score is applied, thus exceeding the Developer persona threshold.

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