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New data-driven models for content attribution to conversions

June 22, 2021

Today we released a major update to content analytics in Sitefinity Insight – 4 new content attribution models. These models estimate how a content asset (a page, for example) or an interaction contributes to a given conversion, allowing marketers to better measure the effectiveness of their content driven campaigns. The reports for the new models can be accessed via the Attribution link in the main navigation menu.

Three attribution models included in this release – first touch, last touch, and linear – are well known in the industry. These models assign the full attribution weight to the first or the last touchpoint of a journey leading to the conversion, or equal attribution weight to all touchpoints of a journey, respectively. The forth model uses AI algorithms to model visitor journeys and automatically calculate the attribution weight for each touchpoint. The first three models are available to all Sitefinity Insight users. The more accurate AI model is a premium feature and is available only for customers with a paid annual subscription.

Our previous attribution model is renamed to uplift. Uplift estimates the incremental impact of a touchpoint/content on the conversion rate. Uplift reports are available via a separate link in the main navigation menu, as well as via a link from the corresponding section of the main dashboard.

To better support modeling the value of content, we also augmented our conversion definition with a user settable value parameter. The default unit of the value is $ (dollars), however, it can also be used as relative value without specific monetary significance. When values of conversions are set, content attribution reports will also take that into account, computing the value realized by marketing campaigns.

Value assignment to conversions is optional. Value can be defined for new as well for existing conversions via the Define/Edit conversion dialog.

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