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New algorithms for Segment Discovery based on full content analysis

August 14, 2023

After quite a bit of in-depth research and experimentation, we have overhauled the algorithms that power Insight’s Segment Discovery feature. The updated algorithms utilize full content analysis of the pages of your website with automatic keyword and key phrase extraction. This advanced content characterization improves identification of visitor segments that consume similar content. Included in the updates are changes to better adjust for the length of the documents and to process digits in the text during content characterization.

Support for full content analysis is available in Sitefinity 14.3 and above. To enable content analysis, switch on the option in the Insight connector in Sitefinity CMS for all sites you are tracking. If in doubt, follow instructions in this article.

Enabling full content analysis will also benefit characterization of existing persona segments via word clouds, which will be computed using the same advanced content characterization.

For Sitefinity versions below 14.3, Segment Discovery and Persona word clouds will continue to use page titles of visited pages for the primary characterization of content.

Segment Discovery is a premium feature and is available only as a part of paid subscription.

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