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Lead scoring with a flexible time interval

November 21, 2022

Often when modeling a lead funnel there is a need to discard or downplay interactions that occurred a bit of time ago. Alternatively, there may be seasonality or periodicity in the visitor engagement/funnel – whether in case of annual or other repeating events, or repeated sales/conversions each of which has a bounded sales cycle.

To provide a better facility to model this, we have introduced an option to limit lead scoring to a particular time interval. With this option, the rules will add points to the score only when respective interactions fall within the specified time interval. You can specify the time interval using the new Time Limitations option in the Lead Scoring Type dialog. The time interval can be closed (both from/to dates specified) or open (only from or only to).

As part of our continuing UI updates, we also redesigned the create and edit lead scoring screens to match the new style of Sitefinity Insight


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