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External link navigation tracking

January 09, 2024

Sometimes user journeys follow links on a site that take them away from the site to a third-party domain (“outbound links”). Such events can be considered micro-conversions when the links point to sites of sponsors, promoted third-party destinations, or even another domain of the same organization that can’t be instrumented for reporting to Insight.


We have enhanced Insight data collection in Sitefinity to capture clicks on outbound links as distinct interactions, which are reported to Insight automatically when a visitor clicks on a link that is considered outbound. These interactions are assigned the new type ‘External link click’ and can be used in touchpoint or conversion definitions. For the definition of outbound links, please refer to this documentation article.


This update will automatically be applied to published versions of Insight SDKs and will work with all supported Sitefinity versions. No update action is required.

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