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Persona Scoring for Web Site sections and Lead Scoring notifications to multiple emails

November 02, 2016

Persona Scoring for Web Site sections
Scoring models are really useful, but the more complex your model gets, the more maintenance costs it causes with every update of the web site. Ideally, you would want to define the model once and update it only in case of a major redesign of the customer journey. With the new scoring rules triggered multiple times, you have the chance to do exactly this - by scoring not pages, but entire sections of the web site. For example, today I can define a rule scoring every visit of any page under "" with 10 points, and when the visitor reaches 30 points we know for sure she is interested in our solutions (as opposed to products or the partnership program).

Lead Scoring notifications to multiple emails
We have discovered that in many situations, there is more than one person for whom a new lead is relevant. With the new multiple emails option in our Lead Scoring notifications, you can send interesting leads to several people in your organization to achieve maximum engagement with the best leads.
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