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An updated interface for defining Persona and Lead Scoring rules

June 22, 2021

The rules interface just got thoroughly updated – allowing you to explicitly define rules with different impact on scoring, such as positive, negative, or reset to 0. With positive scoring being most common (score increases with specified interactions), the negative scoring models “negative propensity” events in the lead funnel. The new reset score to 0 rule may be useful in modeling recurring conversions in your funnel, such as license renewals. Another potential use would be to disqualify visitors from a persona based on a single action or characteristic. Reset rules are available for both Persona and Lead scoring.

The lead scoring rules now support rules based on contact properties, similar to persona rules. The application of these to lead scoring will most likely be different than for personas – likely utilizing properties indicating the contact attending an event, customer status, etc that would come from external systems such as a CRM rather than direct data collected by web forms.

The updated rules definition dialog also features the updated picker for interactions that automatically adjusts the box for interaction parameters and tooltips according to the interaction type, for a simpler, more intuitive experience.

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