Sitefinity Cloud Enables InvestorCom to Do the Work of a 40-Person Web Team with 3

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After a shift in strategy, InvestorCom needed a CMS that was easy to manage for a non-technical team.


Sitefinity Cloud is a PaaS CMS hosted by Progress Azure, which eliminates much of the technical burden from customers.


InvestorCom is handling the same workload despite going from a team of 40 to 3.

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Having a digital presence for your business is nonnegotiable. But it’s especially true for businesses on the London stock exchange, where it’s a requirement to even be listed.

This is where InvestorCom steps in. InvestorCom is a UK-based corporate and investor communications firm that creates and manages websites for more than 40 companies listed on the London stock exchange as well as other exchanges across the world.

As a result of a shift in strategy, InvestorCom became a much smaller team. But even with fewer resources, the organization still needed to continue supporting its growing clients’ needs. This demanded a radical shift to the way the team operated, so they could be more agile and lean while still delivering the same level of client success.

“I was used to being able to relay customer requests to our developers and they would get it done,” said Felicity Hopkins, Head of Client Services, InvestorCom. “Now, we needed to run a business, satisfy our customers’ needs and turn a profit, all without the same technical support.”


InvestorCom needed an agile, cloud-enabled content management system (CMS). The company was using a custom-built solution to build websites for clients in HTML and then managing Azure servers internally, but without a full team of developers and designers, that approach was no longer viable.

After evaluating the market, InvestorCom decided Progress® Sitefinity® Cloud was the best fit. As a cloud-based platform, Sitefinity Cloud offered the InvestorCom team an intuitive, user-friendly CMS that made it easy to create and manage client websites without having to monitor servers or do any coding.

“We tested other solutions, and Sitefinity was the platform with the least friction that enabled us to achieve the look and feel we were going for with our websites,” Hopkins added. “This was critical for us, since we knew our CMS would be a tool we use daily— our clients can change their minds and request changes at any minute.”

Some specific capabilities of Sitefinity that stood out to the InvestorCom team include:

Scalability: Since InvestorCom completely manages the sites for clients, providing a worry-free experience is paramount. With an easily scalable cloud solution, InvestorCom doesn’t have to worry about limitations— Sitefinity Cloud is highly performant and available regardless of a project’s level of complexity or visibility.

Page templates and widgets: When migrating 40 client sites to a new CMS, you need to be efficient and less reliant on IT for development tasks and content changes. Page templates and custom widgets help accelerate this process, minimizing time spent creating pages and displaying certain data on the site.

Scheduling: In many instances, publicly traded companies will need information to go live when the market opens. By scheduling new content and changes, the InvestorCom team doesn’t need to pull long nights or early mornings in the office to ensure it gets published.


After adopting Sitefinity in October 2019, InvestorCom had finished the migration by April 2020. According to Hopkins, this was in large part because of how easy Sitefinity is to use.

“When we switched to a new CMS, one of our goals was to be able to deliver the same level of service despite moving from a team of 40+ people to 3,” Hopkins said. “Sitefinity not only enables us to be just as productive, it actually empowers us to deliver better service to our customers.”

“Now I can speak directly with clients instead of needing to consult a techie, and I can even quickly preview content changes for them. It’s just a better experience for them,” she added.

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