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Sprint Update on November 11, 2022

November 11, 2022

What's new

Sync back form responses when using SiteSync

This feature is applicable if the Content Pipeline add-on is used where all content editing is done on the Authoring (a.k.a. Content Staging) environment and changes are pushed to Production only using SiteSync. In this setup the Sitefinity Admin UI is disabled on Production or content editors don’t have access to it, but still need to access data like form responses which is created by website visitors directly on Production. With this new feature form responses are synced back from Production to Authoring every 24 hours. Customers can also manually trigger the sync back process. This feature can be enabled on-demand via a support case.

What's improved

  • Fixed bug with version compatibility checks between .NET Renderer and Sitefinity during deployment
  • Improved low-level DDoS protection by fine-tuning the Sitefinity Cloud rate limiting rules in Cloudflare

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