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Sprint Update on January 21, 2022

January 21, 2022

What's new

New "Application.Restart" pipeline

Allows customers to restart the application on any environment with zero downtime and without having to re-deploy. The restart utilizes a similar approach as the blue-green deployment process to ensure there is no downtime for the application. The output cache and CDN cache for Sitefinity pages are purged after the restart.

CDN caching rules based on custom conditions

Upon customer request the Sitefinity Cloud team can add custom caching rules on the CDN edge servers that can be based on the following custom conditions:

  • URL or URL component (e.g. pathname, query) matches regex
  • IP is part of a whitelist or blacklist
  • Request header value matches regex
  • Response status code matches regex

These caching rules could be used for specific cases like the following:

  • General mandatory caching rule of at least X seconds for all responses
  • Cache 404 responses for at least X seconds
  • If the request comes from a particular country and is not part of a whitelist of IPs, bypass CDN cache

What's improved

  • In cases where media blob storage is used for Sitefinity media files, the blob storage is now private which further secures the connection between Cloudflare and the storage.
  • Fixed issue with secret values in variable groups being "null" in new CI.CD pipeline.
  • Users assigned to the "Access Repos and Pipelines" role now have "Creator" role for variable groups by default.
  • Fixed issue with Automated Upgrades where in some cases the old CI pipeline was being used during upgrade instead of the new CI.CD pipeline.
  • Added retry logic to mitigate intermittent issues when getting AAD users from particular roles/groups as part of sending email notifications during pipeline runs.
  • Improved "DB.AcquireBackup" pipeline to mitigate cases where DB backup export takes longer than 6 hours and hits Azure DevOps agent lifetime limit. The pipeline now initially waits for the export operation in an agent-less job with different wait duration depending on the DB size.
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