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Sprint Update on February 25, 2022

February 25, 2022

What's new

CDN rewrite rules based on custom conditions

Upon customer request the Sitefinity Cloud team can add custom rewrite rules on the CDN edge servers that can be based on the following custom conditions:

  • URL or URL component (e.g. pathname, query) matches regex
  • IP is part of a whitelist or blacklist
  • Request header value matches regex

These rewrite rules could be used for specific cases like the following:

CDN custom response headers based on custom conditions

Upon customer request the Sitefiniy Cloud team can apply custom response headers on the CDN edge servers based on custom conditions. The set of conditions is the same as the conditions for the CDN rewrite rules listed above. For existing headers returned in the response from the origin, the values will be overriden with the custom response headers. For non-existing headers, a new header will be added to the response.

What's improved

  • Updated Sitefinity CLI version used in Automated Upgrades to
  • Fixed bug in CI.CD and Application.Restart pipelines where output cache was not flushed in case of custom firewall IP restrictions for the environment.
  • Fixed bug where deleted files could trigger partial deployment and the changes would not be deployed. Deleting files now triggers full deployment.
  • Fixed bug in Domain management regarding SSL certificate renewal for the main www domain.
  • Fixed bug in Domain management where the IP address shown in Domain details was not always consistent.
  • Disabled sorting of query string parameters on the CDN due to potential issues with custom code depending on the specific order of query string parameters.
  • Improved auto-scale rules to track max CPU utlization instead of average to allow faster reaction in case of sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Improved application availability management by adding an alert to the 24/7/365 On-Duty team in case of database parallel requests limit being reached.
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