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Sprint Update on April 29, 2022

April 29, 2022

What's new

CDN custom rule for header to cookie transformations

Upon customer request the Sitefiniy Cloud team can set custom response cookies on the CDN edge servers using the values from custom headers set on the server. The rules can be applied based on the following custom conditions:

  • URL or URL component (e.g. pathname, query) matches regex
  • IP is part of a whitelist or blacklist
  • Request header value matches regex

DB.Import pipeline for self-service database restores

Customers can now restore a database from a .bacpac file to any environment using a new DB.Import pipeline. The input parameter for the pipeline is the URI of the .bacpac file. The .bacpac can come from the existing "db-backups" container or it can be uploaded to the new "db-imports" container, part of the Database Storage Account. Bacpac files from external Azure Storage Account Containers can also be used, provided the URI contains a valid SAS token. The pipeline contains a set of ROLLBACK and CLEANUP steps that would return the environment to a state before the DB import in case the application is not able to work with the imported DB.

What's improved

  • Improved deployment process to trigger full deployment in case of source code changes created by "Export for Deployment".
  • Fixed bug in the DB.RestoreBetweenEnvironments pipeline related to the configuration persistence option. (469901)
  • Fixed bug with changing order of the environments in pipelines.
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