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Sprint Update on April 1, 2022

April 01, 2022

What's new

Configurable approval process for promoting changes to any environment

The process for approval of changes to a given environment can now be configured for any environment, instead of being hard-coded only for Production. This approval process would consist of a user group named "Promote to {Environment Name}" and an approval step that requires approval from this group for pipelines that make changes to the environment:

  • CI.CD - approve deployment to the environment
  • DB.RestoreBetweenEnvironemnts - approve database restore operation where the environment is selected as target
  • Application.Restart - approve restart operation for the environment

What's improved

  • Improved regex match patterns for custom CDN rules to be case-insensitive which allows for more flexible rules.
  • Improved "Application.Restart" pipeline to handle case where some of the application files are locked and the "production" slot cannot be duplicated.
  • Improved CI/CD pipeline to support deployments from git tag versions.
  • Fixed bug in custom CDN rules where mandatory cache duration and cache bypass were not applied for all matching conditions.
  • Fixed a bug in CI/CD pipeline where deployments from previous versions (old commits) were skipped.
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