Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 9.2.6200

October 02, 2016

What’s New & Improved

Experience Management

Touchpoints Discovery
Digital Experience Cloud users are now able to discover the most important touchpoints in any customer journey automatically, instead of defining them manually.

Personalization Reports for Widgets
The functionality of the current Personalization Reports in Digital Experience Cloud is enhanced to cover personalized widgets.

Touchpoint Statistics for Total Hits
The touchpoint statistics in Digital Experience Cloud are enhanced to cover the total touchpoint hits per day, repetitive from the same contact, apart from the previously calculated unique number of contacts.

Sample Data Centers for Digital Experience Cloud
Any user is now able to create a sample data center with a predefined Quantum scenario, with all key functionalities of the product shown in action. Advanced users are able to define their own custom scenarios and automatically fill them in with test data, statistics and insights in order to see how they would look like.

Developer Productivity

Add-Ons Framework
The Sitefinity CMS Add-Ons framework enables developers to extend Sitefinity in a manner, which separates custom implementations from the core. Applying this approach helps with deployments, upgrades, and troubleshooting, and enables reuse and sharing.
The functionality can be used for creating reusable Site Starter Kits, Themes, Custom Modules and Widgets, etc. In Sitefinity developers can export Add-Ons and distribute them to other Sitefinity applications via NuGet Packages.

Continuous Delivery Support
This feature allows users to define the behavior of Sitefinity projects in the different deployment environments - Development, Testing and Live.  Developers can organize continuous delivery workflows, which work seamlessly and with minimum need to resolve conflicts.

Export for Deployment of Web Sites
Developers can export Sitefinity Web Sites and deploy them to other environments as part of continuous deployment workflows.

Calendar Widget for Events (in MVC)
The Calendar Widget can be used to display Events on sites using the Sitefinity MVC and Front-end Framework Feather.  

Page Templates Revision History
Users working with Page Templates can see a log of old revisions and revert to a version of their choice. This provides for better visibility, control and error recovery when editing Page Templates.
Web Services Improvements
Sitefinity oData Web Services come with unified implementation for dynamic and static modules, optimized requests for related taxonomies and numerous field validation checks. Starting with this version, the master identifier of lifecycle items is used as item identifier.


Performance Diagnostics Module
The Diagnostics Module adds the option to track Sitefinity page compilations in order to identity performance bottlenecks. The module includes improved interface for tracking of logged HTTP requests, background tasks and SQL queries. Developer can control the type of collected data, while new suggestion engine provides insights for optimizations.

Page Precompiler Tool
The Page Precompiler tool is optimized for speedy performance and better results.

Developer Tools Upgrades

  • Telerik Data Access upgraded to Q2 2016 version 2016.2.822.0
  • Kendo UI upgraded to Q2 2016 SP2 version 2016.2.714
  • Telerik AJAX UI Controls for ASP.NET upgraded to Q2 2016 SP1 version 2016.2.607.40
  • Service Stack upgraded to version 4.0.62
  • GeoIP database upgraded with latest changes since 07 Sep 2016
  • require.js upgraded from 2.1.22 to 2.2.0
  • text.js upgraded from 2.0.14 to 2.0.15


Support for Microsoft Framework NET 4.0
Sitefinity CMS now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. All product assemblies are updated to .NET 4.5, and .NET 4.0 is no longer supported.

Thunder Support for Visual Studio 2010
All Thunder assemblies are upgraded to Microsoft .Net 4.5. Visual Studio 2010 is no longer supported.

Mobile App Builder Module
The Mobile App Builder has been discontinued and should use the out-of-the box integration with Telerik Platform. For questions on how to achieve that, read this blog post.

Migration Module
The Migration Module has been discontinued.

What’s Fixed

  • Analytics Module: Analytics pages do not show and hang when re-clicked (FP)
  • Fluent API: Pages ThatArePublished method returns Unpublished and Draft pages (FP)
  • Dynamic Modules: Events from controls situated within DynamicDetailContainer are not handled
  • Dynamic Modules> Export/Import: Changing parent-child relationship and exporting results in improper ordering of the modules on import (FP)
  • Dynamic Module> Export/Import: Export/import of structure with self-referencing related data to module with multiple types results in error (FP)
  • Forms: SiteSelectorDialog doesn`t persist the selection on different pages (FP)
  • Forms: Exporting form responses checks for view permissions on all forms
  • Forums: ForumPost class does not implement IDynamicFieldsContainer
  • Forums: GetValue() does not work with ForumPosts
  • Image Gallery Widget: in Thumbnail strip mode throws an error in IE11 (FP)
  • Module Builder: Dynamic module widget templates disappears from Design section when module name is changed (FP)
  • Module Builder: Performance optimizations in DynamicModulesCache which is now used instead of direct database calls
  • Multilingual: Values for dynamic and custom fields are persisted in default culture when creating items in non-default culture
  • MVC Widgets> Designers: Cannot resolve view if it has multiple dots in the name (FP)
  • MVC Widgets> Media Selectors: Special characters in library name are not displayed correctly (FP)
  • MVC Widgets> Search Box: Search box error when DEC is used (FP)
  • Permissions: Users and roles selector doesn`t persist the selection on different pages (FP)
  • Personalization: Personalization per page doesn’t work with custom theme (FP)
  • Personalization: In multilingual mode personalized control on personalized page based on personalized template is not visible in the Frontend
  • Personalization: Personalization location misses "Wyoming, United States" (FP)
  • Personalization: When user deletes a personalized page and creates another page with same URL, personalization doesn’t work
  • Related Data: Performance improvements
  • Site Sync: Errors in sync details are encoded twice
  • Taxonomies: Cannot filter by taxonomy with underscore in the name in the Backend (FP)
  • Web Services: Added option to send a POST request and create item in specific culture only
  • Web Services: Added option to sending a GET request and retrieve the value of a single property
  • Web Services: Sending Batch requests, according to the OData standard, originating from a different domain
  • Web Services: Additional URLs can now be generated for items, which do not have lifecycle and lifecycle items that work with Master versions
  • Workflows: Level 2 approver locks Dynamic content item when leaving without changes (FP)

Breaking Changes

  • Diagnostics Module: DataAccessReportView class is removed, instead all SQL queries are visualized using SqlQueryReportView class
  • Diagnostics Module: OperationDetailsView class is removed, instead details about queries executing during an operation are visualized using SqlQueryGrid class.
  • Diagnostics Module: DiagnosticsToolError is removed because the tool error screens is not required
  • Export for Deployment: Export folder is renamed to Deployment. Sitefinity doesn’t import from Export folder anymore and users should rename their folders to Deployment or export again to generate the new folder.

Progress Sitefinity

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