Synx for Sitefinity

Engage Customers Effectively and Easily

Track Leads Directly From Your Website and Create Online Portals

Synx allows users to connect Microsoft Dynamics/365 to Sitefinity CMS quickly and easily. Sync data between Sitefinity and Microsoft Dynamics and utilize that data to built effective portal experiences.

Enhance Customer and Partner Experiences

  • Work in One, Connected Platform
    Synx is built as a seamless integration for Sitefinity, allowing users to work in one, connected platform - driving productivity.
  • Capture and Engage Leads in Real-Time
    Create dynamic forms that instantly integrate lead data with Microsoft Dynamics to capture leads in real-time. Utilize that data to target and identify highly interested prospects.
  • Build Integrated Portal Experiences
    Create portal experiences for your customers and partners easily. Implement a truly connected experience across your website and web properties.
  • Create Content Quickly
    With the same intuitive interface as Sitefinity, the platform is easy to use, even with limited technical experience.