ARPlay 3D Model Viewer


AR Play 3D Model Viewer Sitefinity

Sitefinity widget for ARPlay platform support ( 

Add a widget to any Sitefinity page to display a QR code which website visitors can scan and view any 3D model in augmented reality (AR). 

Users have several options for creating a url to model what the object that they would like to display in AR on their web page:

1. By selecting local models (models stored on Sitefinity) and by entering relative path to 3D model.
2. By entering relative path to 3D models stored on some other location.
3. By creating a custom field to any custom made Sitefinity modules including any eCommerce products.

When the model is selected, the widget automatically generates a QR code which contains a deep link to the 3D model. Website visitors can then scan the QR code using the ARPlay mobile application, and the 3D model will be displayed on their mobile device. Users can play with the object and see how it looks in a real time environment.