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Analytics dashboard: General statistics charts & Administration dashboard: Changes and enhancements

February 18, 2019

Analytics dashboard: General statistics charts

Two new charts provide information about how many people visited your website and who they are:

The number of unique visitors that interacted with your website. This statistic includes both anonymous visitors and registered contacts and shows changes in traffic and how many new visitors are attracted to and land on your website pages.

New contacts
The number of visitors who provided their email address by registering, filling out a form, subscribing for a newsletter, or any other interaction to become known contacts. This statistic helps you measure the level of visitor engagement. You can also view the list with the new contacts and take a detailed look at their contact profiles.

Both charts help you analyze changes in the metrics compared with the previous historic period and within the selected time frame, day by day.

Based on customer feedback, the slicing of statistic data by data source in the charts is removed.

Administration dashboard: Changes and enhancements

Data cleanup
Before deleting data, you can now see how many unique visitor sessions there are per any data center. Data is obtained in real time, so you see up to date information on visitor sessions.

Usage statistics
Based on customer feedback, this view is removed( since it provided redundant information).

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