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Touchpoint report enhancements

January 23, 2020

Based on customer feedback, we have made a number of changes to the Sitefinity Insight touchpoint reports to improve usability and data presentation. Below is a summary of the most significant changes.

New contact hits metric
We are introducing a new metric in the touchpoint details screen – the number of contacts, who hit the touchpoint during the selected period. This change simplifies access to the respective contact list, as previously you needed to follow the View contacts link under the Unique/Total hits statistic and wait for the contacts to be properly filtered in order to find that out.

New Attributions screen
We have introduced a new Attributions screen, under a separate menu item in the sidebar. The screen shows the top 5 attributing touchpoints (both managed and discovered) for each conversion defined in your data center. This information has been previously displayed under the Touchpoints section, which now shows only defined touchpoints.

Improved accuracy of statistics
We have improved the accuracy of the touchpoints statistics after data deletion (i.e. because of a GDPR delete request or a data source delete) or contacts mapping.

UI Redesign
We are continuing the efforts to improve overall Sitefinity Insight user experience as well as unify its look and feel with Sitefinity CMS. This time, the new UI design templates were applied to the existing touchpoint screens as well as the new Attributions screen.

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