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Release Notes

Redesigned Persona Reports

November 26, 2020

With a focus on advancing audience analysis features, we have completely redesigned the Persona reports (Personas) to offer better clarity of presentation, interactive usability, and new persona insights. The new persona reports feature an updated daily visitor chart with a persona selector, a detailed stats table summarizing new persona matches, and most importantly two new views of the persona profile – most common conversions and a conversion heatmap.

The conversion heatmap on the main Personas screen shows the distribution of conversions across personas to better highlight patterns of common behavior. The new Conversions tab in each persona report lists the common conversions for visitors matching that particular persona.

In addition to the redesigned persona reports, the Personas widget on the main dashboard is updated with changes to the stats table. The time-based charts of new visitors matching the persona were removed to improve the rendering performance. We suggest that you use the updated daily chart on the main Personas report instead.

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