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Release Notes

Introduced Visitors and Simplified definition of conversions

November 02, 2018

Separate reporting for visitors and contacts 

Thus far, the entire audience in Sitefinity Insight was referred to as “contacts”, which included both anonymous (unknown) and registered (known) contacts. For the sake of accuracy and clarity, from now on, these two categories will be tracked and reported separately:

  • Visitors – anyone who visits the properties that are tracked by Sitefinity Insight. This includes both anonymous and registered visitors that interact with your website
  • Contacts – visitors that provided their email as identification. In simpler terms, these are visitors whom we know how to contact (email).

The new concepts are reflected in the Sitefinity Insight web application, as well as in the documentation.
Simplified definition of conversions

The Define a Conversion dialog has been simplified and improved. When defining a conversion event, you can copy/paste the full URL for the page or resource you want to track, and the system will automatically filter out the protocol, leading www, and all URL parameters. This will make our matching logic and reporting more robust. Alternatively, use the Contains match option and type in a part of the URL or the specific campaign tag provided in the URL parameters.  

The types of conversion events in the drop down list have the default set at the beginning of the list, with any custom event types placed further down.
Specifying Conversion window or Segments has been made optional.  

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