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Interaction Picker, Persona, Lead Scoring and Touchpoint Improvements

November 15, 2018

Further UX improvements for definition of Conversions, Campaigns and Touchpoints
The pop-up dialog for definition of Conversions, Campaigns and Touchpoints was further simplified with more intuitive on screen descriptions:

  • The conversion type dropdown list now initially shows only the built in types (VisitSubmit formDownload fileSearch for and Register) that are most frequently used. To access the other types, including custom, you will need to press on the More... item of the dropdown.
  • For conversions of types VisitSubmit form and Download file, the URL operators are now called Exact URL (exact match) and Part of URL (contains). We have also added examples for each operator type.
  • Object value hints are introduced for the types VisitSubmit formDownload fileSearch forRegister and Login

New GoToSite icon for Touchpoints
The new (but familiar looking) GoToSite icon for touchpoints allows you to navigate to the page represented by the URL, which is opened in a new browser tab. This icon is added to the All TouchpointsManaged Touchpoints and Conversion details screens. The icon is displayed only for touchpoints whose definition contains the combination of the predicate VisitExact Match object operator and a single valid URL. For obvious reasons, touchpoints representing groups of pages do not have a GoToSite icon.

Persona and Lead Scoring date of latest change
The details screen of persona or lead scoring will now show you the last date on which its definition has been modified as well as who made the changes. This information is added to the summary in the upper right corner.

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