Sitefinity Insight
Release Notes

Extended Synthetic Traffic Filters

October 16, 2018

Sitefinity Insight automatically filters out traffic originated by bots, crawlers, and indexing services by analyzing the UserAgent reported with each request to the Sitefinity Insight API. The list with filtered-out user agents is now extended to:

  • Google bot
  • Baidu spider
  • Facebook external hits
  • Bing bot
  • Slurp bot
  • Siteimprove Bot
  • Jigsaw_W3C_CSS_Validator
  • All other user agents, containing 'crawler' in their names
  • All other user agents, containing 'spider' in their names
  • All user agents containing 'bot' in their names
Based on the traffic analysis to Sitefinity Insight API, the traffic filter covers 100% of the synthetic traffic. The change is applied automatically to all Sitefinity Insight tenants, so there is no need for any additional setup. You can see the currently applied filters any time in the Sitefinity Insight Administration dashboard, under ‘Traffic filters’.


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