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Filter out obsolete interactions in Goals definition and Goal Edit Functionality

January 15, 2015

Marketing Goals
  • Filter out obsolete interactions - In some cases, the systems uploading data to Sitefinity Insight report interactions that are relevant to a subset of Marketing Goals, rather than all of them. Therefore, for setting up each Marketing Goal, an additional interactions filter is provided. Any interaction that is filtered out will not participate in the predictive analysis, and contacts that have executed only filtered interactions will not be considered in the conversion rate calculations. There will be no dynamic segment with the filtered interactions as well. Example: In case the Login event is irrelevant for the journey towards a particular goal, it can be filtered out. The recommendations will then be calculated or recalculated based on all the other interactions, without the Login.

Marketing Goals

  • Goal Edit Functionality - In case the defined Goal does not satisfy the expected results, and there are no running campaigns for that Goal, the user is now able to edit the Goal definition. Editing the definition will cause a complete recalculation of all goal statistics and recommendations, according to the new setup.
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