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Added Data Connectors for Oracle Eloqua and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

August 10, 2015

New Feature: Data Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Beta)
While any system can be connected to Sitefinity Insight using the provided SDKs, we are gradually adding data connectors providing out-of-the-box connectivity for the most popular systems. With this new data connector you can import your contacts, purchases and any other relevant information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. That allows you to measure the success of your marketing campaigns against a wider range of end goals like number of sales opportunities created or purchasing orders booked.

New Feature: Data Connector for Oracle Eloqua (Beta)
With this new data connector you can import your contacts and  email campaigns from your Oracle Eloqua. This way you will be able to analyze the success of your email campaigns against any conversion configured in the system, and participation in email campaigns will be considered as an interaction when the entire customer journey is being analyzed.
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