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Release Notes

Lead Scoring enhancements

December 16, 2014

Lead Scoring
  • Lead Scoring contact lists - All known contacts that are in a lead scoring stage are now visible and browsable under the lead scoring type.
  • Lead Scoring contacts export per stage - All known contacts that are in a selected lead scoring stage can be exported to a CSV file.
  • Lead Scoring reports - Trends and current state reports on the lead scoring processes are now added to the Dashboard.
  • Email Notifications - For every contact that enters a new funnel stage the system automatically sends email notifications to preconfigured email addresses. The lead scoring can now be used in real-time as a basis of Sales workflows.
Contact Profiling
  • Lead scoring points per contact - On the contact profile page users can see the exact lead scoring points for each lead scoring type. This information can be used as a reference point prior to contacting the person, together with the already exposed Persona Profiling points.
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