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Introduction of Lead Scoring, Predictive Recommendations enhancements

December 16, 2014

New Feature: Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring allows users to set-up rules for scoring the sales readiness of known and anonymous contacts.
  • Configuring Lead Scoring Types - For the different marketing and sales needs of the organization, users can create, edit or delete independent lead scoring types. Each lead scoring type can contain one or more funnel stages and for each stage - the points every contact has to achieve to enter it.
  • Configuring Lead Scoring Rules - For any interaction in the customer journey users can configure scoring rules attached to one or more lead scoring types. Those rules ensure selective, real-time processing of the current scoring stages of all leads in the funnel.
Predictive Recommendations
  • URLs of recommendation resources now direct links - Each recommendation interaction that is represented by a resource is now a direct link to that resource (i.e. pages, blogs, forums, etc.).
  • Interaction groups in recommendations - In some cases the predictive analytics algorithm automatically folds together similar interactions in one single segment line, to simplify the dynamic segmentation (for instance all URLs under /forums/general-discussions/* could be merged together as one line). Now those folded interactions are exposed in the recommendations UI and clicking on such group lists all the underlying interactions.
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