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Conversion report enhancements

April 15, 2019

Based on customer feedback and digital marketing best practices, a number of changes to conversion reports have been made. The reports now provide more metrics, more focus on visitors and contacts, and implement a new approach to calculating conversion rate on tracked interactions. Here is the summary:

Start time of calculations
The start time of calculations of conversion rate for a given conversion is extended to the point of the first registered conversion event that matches the definition of the conversion. Previously, the start time was determined by a formula that used twice the size of the conversion window to select events. 

Conversion rate
Conversion rate is now calculated based on the number of total conversions, as opposed to the number of unique conversions, which we used in the past. Total conversions is the prevailing method of calculating the conversion rate in the industry. 

Total conversions and Unique conversions summary
You can now compare total and unique conversions side by side:

    • The Total conversions report gives you the total number of completed conversions events even if the same visitor completed the conversion more than once. 
    • Unique conversions provide you with the number of visitors (both anonymous visitors and known contacts) that completed the conversion. 

If, for example, your conversion is Visit Editions and Pricing page, the total conversions number gives you the total traffic volume to the page. Unique conversions tells you how many different visitors wanted to check prices. 

Contact conversions and New contacts summary
Conversion reports now help you understand better whether you gained more leads. The Contact conversions summary lets you know how many of your known contacts completed the conversion within the selected period. The New Contacts number shows the number of anonymous visitors who provided an email with the completion of the conversion event and thus became contacts / leads. View new contacts link takes you directly to the list of all contacts who were counted, which you can review, analyze, and export if needed.

Time period selector
To make the conversion report presentation more consistent, the time selector at the top of the page under the conversion title applies to all summary conversion statistics: 
    • Conversion rate 
    • Total conversions 
    • Unique conversions 
    • Contacts conversions 
    • New Contact conversions

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