Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 11.0.6700 (Official Release)

May 30, 2018

This version contains: New content editing experience, New module - Web Security module that adds another layer of protection for your site, New Visual Studio extension tool to boost developer productivity, Upgrades on developer tools and components, multiple bug fixes, security and performance optimizations.

What's new

New content editing experience

The new content editing and management experience is switched on by default for all new projects. For existing projects, the administrators can switch on the experience, as well as enable individual users to switch between the new and classic interface. The following list summarizes key improvements the new interface:

  • A new rich text editing experience based on the Kendo UI Editor
  • A reinvented HTML source editing with syntax highlighting
  • Easier and faster taxonomy and category selection for content items
  • Reinvented content list management including sorting, filtering, and search
  • Smart content item locking
  • Improved experience for adding items in related media and related data fields
  • Reinvented digital asset selectors (images, videos, documents)
  • Easier navigation between content items
  • Embedding social media elements in content
  • Reinvented multilingual content management
  • Support for revision history
  • Connectivity with Translation Management Systems
  • Individual users can switch on and off the new content editing experience
  • Extensible formatting for content item fields
  • Reinvented Lists management

  • Insert dynamic links in Rich text editor to content or page from the CMS

  • Enhanced date and time pickers

For more information, see New content editing experience


  • The new Web Security Module adds another layer of protection for your site. It uses HTTP response headers to configure web clients (browsers) and turn on their build-in security features. Once set the headers can prevent from cross-site scripting (XSS), clickjacking, code injection, stealing/modifying data in transit, content sniffing. Site administrators can control which headers are enabled through configuration settings. For more information, see Web security module.
  • Another improvement that we have available for this release is an option to store credentials in advanced settings in encrypted format.For more information, see Encrypt sensitive data in configurations.

Developer Productivity

  • The new Sitefinity VSIX helps you to easily scaffold your Sitefinity project. The tool is focused on the creation of MVC widgets and templates that is the optimal choice for development in Sitefinity. It supports adding MVC package to you project, MVC template, Grid Templates and MVC widgets. The extension is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 and you can download it from Visual Studio Marketplace Sitefinity VSIX or from GitHub repositories Sitefinity-VSIX and Sitefinity-CLI. For more information, see Sitefinity VSIX.

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud(DEC)

  • When configuring the connection between Sitefinity CMS and DEC, an application name is no longer required. By default, Sitefinity-tracked data is labeled as Website data source in Digital Experience Cloud. You can modify the default connection name and thus the label of the Sitefinity data source. You do this in Sitefinity, in the Advanced settings section of the Digital Experience Cloud connector module. For more information, see Connect to Digital Experience Cloud.
  • New option in DEC Connector's advanced settings - Keep DEC tracking cookie on tracking consent rejection
    • Default value is set to False, i.e. behavior is the same as it used to be - if tracking consent is enabled for the site, DEC tracking cookie will be deleted upon page load, then only if consent is given (approval), new cookie is issued.
      If this setting is set to True, cookie will be retained which might be useful for specific scenarios - to keep DEC-related personalization working and further processing data delete requests. All depends on how GDPR would be implemented for the client's site specific needs.
  • DEC provides new Service endpoints enabling exporting of the complete web site visitor data stored in DEC - compliance enabler for GDPR Right of access by the data subject ( and Right to data portability (
  • DEC is providing user interface for web site owners for managing deletion or export of web site visitor data through the
  • JS SDK upgraded to v3.0.1 and integrated in Sitefinity. (Nuget and CDN) - New parameters in the constructor's options provided -  enableTracking. Based on its value, tracking is stopped or not (interactions & also client-side personalization requests)
  • .NET SDK upgraded to v2.1.3: Exposed clients to export visitor data and deletion of visitor data stored in DEC - compliance enabler for Right to erasure (right to be forgotten).

MVC Framework (Feather)

  • MVC widgets are default option in pages toolbox
  • By default, MVC content widgets now automatically display a single content item in Detail view.The ContentViewDisplayMode property enables you to modify this behavior and configure whether single content items are displayed in Detail or in List view.

Developer Tools updates

  • .NET 4.7.1 and C# 7 support.
  • Progress Telerik UI  for ASP.NET AJAX  R1- 2018.1.117.40 
  • Progress Kendo UI R1 SP1 - 2018.1.221
  • Progress Telerik UI for WPF, R1 SP1 - 2018.1.122.45
  • jQueryUI - v1.12.1
  • Service Stack - v.5.0.2. Since v.5.0.0 Service Stack no longer provides .Signed packages. The NuGet packages Service Stack provides are now signed by default - naming notes.
  • Newtonsoft.Json- version 10.0.3
  • NEST - version 5.5.0
  • Lucene.Net - version 3.0.3
  • Lucene.Net.Contrib - 3.0.3
  • GeoIP database upgraded with latest changes since April 2017
  • Nuget support for Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio 2012 is no longer supported.


  • Lucene 2.9

What's fixed and improved

Pages & Templates

  • Pages: Google crawling backend Urls when Analytics widget is present on the page in Preview or Edit mode. (FP)
  • External page selector does not allow some valid links (FP)
  • OptimisticVerificationException for pages (FP)
  • Pure page: Two meta no index tags (FP)
  • Deleting a page also deletes all redirect pages which point to it with no warning (FP)
  • If Publication date is modified, changes will not be shown in widget templates (FP)
  • A page additional URL performs a Rewrite instead of a Redirection (FP)

Related data and items

  • Changing related media in duplicate page view is not saved (FP)
  • Item cannot be imported because either parent type, parent title or parent id are missing. when syncing dynamic module with multiple related data fields
  • Scrolling is lost on editing related content type (FP)
  • Uploading a document along with a related media field  (FP)
  • Related data: Getting related items does not filter by status (FP)
  • Error alert when working with duplicate of dynamic module with related media (FP)
  • Continuous Delivery with dynamic modules containing related media (FP)
  • Searching in related data selector for a dynamic content throws error (FP)


  • Page is not refreshing after Sync (FP)
  • SiteSync: Cannot sync more than 20 images (FP)
  • Scheduled Content types are not selected. (FP)
  • Documents could not be synced in monolingual scenario. (FP)
  • Site sync: scheduled task stuck due to daylight saving (FP)
  • Site sync: form subscribers are not synchronized (FP) (FP)
  • Site sync: scheduled task stuck due to daylight saving (FP)

MVC Framework (Feather)

  • Improved MVC framework resources
  • Feather Widgets: Invalid URL Parameters are resolved by the Details action (FP)
  • Feather Events Widget: Repeating events with no ends date are not displaying when you filter events by upcoming and current (FP)
  • Workflow notification mail is with wrong link when еvents are displayed using Feather widget (FP)
  • Feather Form fields (e.g. MVC Captcha and Text field) are not showing validation error message when entering incorrect value (FP)
  • @Model.SelectedItem does not work with Feather (FP)
  • Feather Lists widget not working when the page URL has additional parameters (FP)
  • Feather: Breadcrumb widget should render the items in ordered list (FP)
  • Feather's LoginForm does not invalidate it's cache (FP)
  • MVC: When add custom designer for dynamic module it is displayed for other dynamic modules
  • Feather language selector view LanguageLinks doesn't have reference to jQuery
  • Dynamic item details are visible in a MVC Dynamic Content widget, after it's been unpublished in a particular language (FP)
  • Cannot filter by calendar in MVC Calendar widget (FP)
  • MVC Dynamic widgets for child content types resolve the page when parent item is unpublished
  • API change in Script method of Telerik.Sitefinity.Frontend.Mvc.Helpers.ResourceHelper breaks backward compatibility
  • MVC Shared content block is sent for translation with pages content and it should not be sent (FP)
  • Custom MVC Page templates lose the MVC page template  thumbnail after being synced (FP)
  • MVC templates do not render Long Text field values for fields of type System.String (FP)
  • MVC Events widget shows as EndDate the next day in an "All day" Event (FP)
  • Child dynamic types don't get resolved properly with MVC widgets (FP)
  • Canonical URL for Events MVC Widget has issues if Open Graph property is disabled (FP)
  • Having child modules with the same name doesn`t load widget templates for the modules using MVC widget (FP)
  • URL paging issue with multiple MVC widgets (FP)
  • sf-list-selector directive not working in multi-select
  • UrlKeyPrefix property is not working for Tags and Categories MVC widgets
  • UrlKeyPrefix property is not working for List MVC widget
  • In multisite, MVC image widget generates incorrect URL when linking to internal page. (FP)
  • Redirection to default URL from additional URL does not work for MVC Blog post widget. (FP)
  • Problem with the "DesignerModel" class invocation in the "Designer.cshtml".
  • MVC Content block widget Link selector doesn't have URL validation
  • Feather: sf-media-field for type documents and videos missing dependencies.


  • Multilingual content items are locked in Dashboard/My content (FP)
  • Pages do not work as expected in multilingual scenario on different domains (FP)
  • Multilingual: When non-default page is translated to default language the non-default page is locked (FP)
  • Improve Delete dialog in Multilingual mode
  • Hierarchical Classification Load More functionality multilingual ordering issue. (FP)
  • Concurrent multilingual editing of content overrides modifications. (FP)
  • Multilingual: Sitemap generates entries for not-visible content items (FP)
  • Preview for dynamic item in ML results in Server error: No RequiredLocalizablePropertyAttribute


  • SendGrid connector failure (FP)
  • SalesForce error handling improvements

Other fixes

  • Canonical urls are rendered on Details page, no matter they are disabled on Page (FP)
  • Users search has performance problem when searching user from LDAP/ASP.Net Membership Provider (FP)
  • Search shows different  amount of results after adding a new culture and reindexing (FP)
  • Additional fields for search index doesn't accept more than 1000 characters (FP)
  • Duplicating form controls doesn`t change the developer name of the duplicated form controls (FP)
  • My content dashboard widget does not display correct Last Modified values (FP)
  • Custom warmup service plugin on protected page (FP)
  • Analytics module cannot be opened when "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" is set (FP)
  • Search in Backend forum threads does not work correctly (FP)
  • ProductInventoryTracker.IncrementInventory has possibility of race conditions (FP)
  • Exception "IsolationLevel cannot be changed while connection is in use. openaccess" (FP)
  • Sitefinity resends the emails in the batch infinitely if the email server returns an error on send (FP)
  • Dynamic module shows wrong validation message for number field. (FP)
  • Unpublishing a translation of a synced page excludes the published translations of the page from the sitemap (FP)
  • Thumbnail profile without MaxHeight redirects from thumbnail to original image (FP)
  • Creating custom field for content results in the page failing to load. (FP)
  • Canonical URLs are not rendered for dynamic modules.
  • Videos with size less than 512Kb cannot be played on iOS devices. (FP)
  • Accessing BackendListView->Scripts throws Object Reference for all modules
  • Translations: Sometimes Translations stuck in Sending status after they are send for translation
  • Logging out another user using the /SignOut method, logs the current user off as well. (FP)
  • Thread hand when checking permissions for item without parent.
  • Alternative Text changes are not reflected on the front end (FP)
  • Pre-compilation tool generates blank pages when the pages to precompile use different resource packages (FP)
  • Moving image child library to another parent library does not update the image URL (FP)
  • HTML 5 uploader does not show any error message for corrupted files (FP)
  • Uploading media content trough frontend widgets creates no revision history for the uploaded content (FP)
  • Group page's link is not always targeting the first child in Breadcrumb widget (FP)
  • Canonical URLs of blog posts are not generated correctly when blog posts are filtered by tag (FP)
  • After upgrade Page Controls Toolbox Section shows incorrect information (FP)
  • Personalization is not working when "Purchased product by" is set to "Particular product" (FP)
  • Small Cyrillic m ('м') letter forces sentence on next line in WebForms forms (FP)
  • Adding subscriber to dynamic mailing list does not check for duplication (FP)
  • AddressField causes mixed content when requested on an https page (FP)
  • Forms widget designer doesn`t support paging. (FP)
  • Permissions section for Analytics module cannot be accessed using Internet Explorer 11 (FP)
  • Adding form response with enter instead of with the "submit" button breaks the forms backend screen
  • Unable to force HTTPS on the backend login page
  • Backend user cannot edit its user profile in backend and frontend (FP)
  • Forums: You can't lock a forum thread when you're not logged in, but you have a custom Forums provider (FP)
  • Using Page Name/Dynamic Item's Title - URL/Redirect Urls longer than 255 characters throws error (FP)
  • Health Check HTTP status code (FP)
  • Backend search, filtering and sorting do not work when Personalization and A/B Testing modules are deactivated (FP)
  • Upgrade Script Issue with all day events (FP)
  • ViewHostUndefined Bad Resource Key - There is an appended "." to the end of the key causing issues changing the value as well as serializing the value.
  • Accessing map for any Analytics section with different than administrator user throws an error (FP)
  • Introduced public MediaContentInboundPipe (FP)
  • Media content items fail to sync on upgraded projects (FP)
  • Removing TextMode Sanitize from sf:FieldListView field breaks the frontend layout (FP)
  • Capture video frame tool doesn`t work when the video is uploaded in Amazon S3 (FP)
  • Sitefinity setup improvements
  • Card widget internal/external page url radio button not working (FP)
  • Filtering users by LDAP Role Provider does not work in the User's Backend Screen (FP)
  • Card widget Link defaults to an absolute URL, regardless of what has been set in Site URL Settings (FP)
  • LibraryHttpHandler increased CPU usage 
  • Dashboard Notifications widget throws permission exception for non-admin users when license about to expire (FP)
  • All pages.config resources should be served over https
  • Labels and messages LastModified date is never updated (FP)
  • User email for ASP.NET membership provider users can`t be updated (FP)
  • SSL offloading troubleshooting improvements 
  • sf-html-field client-side error on a custom designer (FP)
  • Cannot upload documents to sub-folders synced from SharePoint due to space in folder url name (FP)
  • Workflow: Preview button is not working in state Awaiting publishing
  • Add extra debugging when a translation error happens
  • window.css missing error when using custom Theme (FP)
  • Adding symbol " at the end of 'administratorLoginPassword' cause deployment failure
  • Image uploaded in Custom Field of Pages with rich text editor breaks the image url upon saving (FP)
  • sf-html-field throws sce:unsafe error when using the image selector (FP)
  • SEO and opengraph - Meta tags are added more than 1 time when more than one widget is placed on a page
  • SSL offloading - redirect loop in Sitefinity login (FP)
  • Filtering of blogs in Blogs List Widget based on no. of blog posts not Working as expected (FP)
  • Not configurable: Content preview link expires after 5 minutes (FP)
  • layout_transformations.css on precompiled pages in MultiSite throws Internal Server Error 500 (FP)
  • Cannot upload an image in sf-html-field in a custom designer (FP)
  • Using sf-form-field in widget designer throws js error
  • Users with Permissions to the Translations module but not to Manage Files cannot download all the translations as a single zipped file. (FP)
  • Unable to use Elmah Filters (FP)
  • Slow Users Search (Administration -> Users -> Search user) when using ASP.Net SQL Membership provider (FP)
  • Webforms Image Gallery widget will not show alt attributes when configured to "Thumbnail strip + Image on the same page" (FP)
  • Button text on backend login page stays "OpenIDConnect" even after setting the title property (FP)
  • galleria.classic.css is not loading thus throwing 404 when using the Gallery Widget with type Thumbnail strip + Image on the same page (FP)
  • Remove forced fallback to Internet Explorer 10
  • UI improvements with Sitefinity Project Manager installations.

Breaking changes

  • Change in interface IProfileModel with namespace Telerik.Sitefinity.Frontend.Identity.Mvc.Models.Profile - Added boolean property AllowCurrentProfileUpdates - Gets or sets whether current users can update their profiles.
  • Changes in interface IAnalyticsApiAccessManager with namespace Telerik.Sitefinity.Analytics - Added method GetLinkForItem which returns the analytics for an item. Added method DoesItemSupportAnalytics which returns whether the passed item type supports analytics.
  • Service Stack  - If you were using .Core or .Signed NuGet packages you’ll need to strip the suffixes to use the main NuGet packages - naming notes
  • Nuget - Nuget packages don't support installation through Visual Studio 2012
  • Removed all Lucene classes and interfaces directly used from inside Sitefinity and now we use nuget package of Lucene.Net - version 3.0.3

Known issues

  • When installing Sitefinity nuget packages on Visual Studio 2015, NuGet fails when trying to add the system references required by Sitefinity.- Nuget GitHub repository issue.
  • Pasting item title on Edge breaks the layout (new UI).
  • The new UI crashes when you disable the ModuleBuilder.
  • New UI does not work with Forms authentication.
  • Edit backend pages with news/blog/dynamic content is loaded in Iris instead of entering edit mode for that page.

Discontinued and deprecated

  • Deprecated DropBox provider
  • Deprecated Thunder VSIX. 
  • Visual Studio 2012 is no longer supported with Nuget Packages installation. 

Discontinued and deprecated

  • Deprecated DropBox provider
  • Deprecated Thunder VSIX. 
  • Visual Studio 2012 is no longer supported with Nuget Packages installation. 



  • Code samples in documentation article
    • All snippets in documentation articles are now uploaded into Gists on GitHubGist.
    • All Gists with code files are now compiled against the latest build to ensure that there aren't breaking changes and compilation errors
    • Obsolete and deprecated code samples have been updated. 
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