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A new dimension added to Persona and Lead scoring calculations

December 13, 2019

We have expanded Persona and Lead scoring calculations to not only use visitor interaction data going forward but also use data from the past - retroactively. Which means – when you create a new Persona or a Lead type, or change rules for the existing ones, the entire set of data in Sitefinity Insight is used to calculate scores for the visitors. Previously, Sitefinity Insight only used data collected from that point on to calculate the scores. This enhancement will result in much more comprehensive scoring for your visitors and will also enable you to run what-if experiments with your scoring models, without disturbing any scoring data in the past or future.

Please note that the scoring recalculation is not done immediately after changing rules – it is scheduled with some delay.

As we roll out this feature to all our customers over the next few days, you may see a change in scoring statistics in your Persona and Lead scoring reports.

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