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Evolve. Thrive. Compete.

Enterprises across the globe are operating on business-critical applications built on Progress OpenEdge. Continuously provide value to the business, leverage your investment in the core logic, and pave the way for future innovation.

Application Evolution

Progress’ Application Evolution process enables you to continually evolve your application as business requirements shift. The result is an app that’s always producing value, enabling the organization to evolve, thrive and compete.

Progress Application Evolution methodology for OpenEdge spans:

To evolve your application, you must break up monolithic application architecture into smaller components. Extend information and capabilities across many connections, devices and data sources to deliver new functionality and capitalize on an expanded ecosystem of technologies. In combination, these modifications empower a more efficient, agile development process.

OpenEdge Platform

Customers rely on OpenEdge to be the most innovative and reliable application development platform, learn how OpenEdge evolves with changing business needs.

Deploying the application to the cloud brings immediate benefits to the bottom line. Cloud-based apps provide increased performance, agility, security and scalability that increases IT productivity and accelerates time to market while simultaneously decreasing overall costs.

AWS Quick Start Availability

Progress OpenEdge is now available through AWS Quick Start, a recommended framework for deploying OpenEdge applications in the AWS Cloud.

Deployment Techniques

Explore OpenEdge Deployment Techniques to the Cloud through the AWS Quickstart.

Evolving specific components of the OpenEdge RDBMS will provide better performance and management to achieve continuous uptime, extend data continuity capabilities or fortify security in case of a disaster or breach.

OpenEdge RRBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE)

Six great products that help better manage and continuously protect your data.

Progress Managed Database Administration (MDBA)

Experts that will take care of your database management tasks so you can dedicate your time elsewhere.

OpenEdge Pro2™

Real-time data replication for reporting and analytics purposes without disrupting business operations or risking application stability.

Progress DataDirect

Pull data from your OpenEdge application so you can use it for business intelligence, reporting or anything else.

High Availability involves making sure that the complete application can continue to function in the event of a disaster. Continued application availability includes technology resiliency through data integrity as well as the availability of the application infrastructure.

OpenEdge Replication

Avoid lost revenue, tarnished reputation and customer dissatisfaction that accompany database outages or unplanned downtime.

Good application User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) is leaves a positive impression with your audience. Consider the experience by examining your application’s UI and ask whether it provides the most engaging experience possible.

UI/UX Services

If your application’s user experience needs work, a modern user interface delivered with the help of our UI/UX team might be the ticket.

State Electric’s Application Evolution Journey

Take a real-world look at how one company modernized its customer experience with Progress—and how you could do the same.

Hear it From Customers

Curious how others are evolving their applications? See for yourself with these resources.

By sharing similar tools and techniques, the DevOps model empowers organizations to optimize resources and improve efficient throughout the application lifecycle, from conception to deployment. OpenEdge is designed to support DevOps’ goal of streamlining app delivery and improving the end product.

What’s New in OpenEdge

The latest version of OpenEdge helps you evolve your DevOps team and turn it into a streamlined, agile unit.

Equip developers with the essential tools to significantly enhance their everyday productivity. With a simplified English-like syntax and powerful statements that can replace hundreds of lines of code, your developers can redirect their attention towards critical projects that drive the business forward.

Developer Productivity

OpenEdge allows developers to be more productive by providing a platform that simplifies and automates many aspects of software development.

Platform Architecture

Customers rely on OpenEdge to be the most innovative, reliable, and affordable application development platform in the industry. With the OpenEdge 12 series you can build, scale and protect mission-critical business applications that are flexible enough to continuously grow with the business.


Customers rely on OpenEdge to be the most innovative, reliable, and affordable application development platform in the industry. With the OpenEdge 12 series you can build, scale and protect mission-critical business applications that are flexible enough to continuously grow with the business.

API Clients

Set of standards-based routines, protocols, services and tools for building and integrating business applications

Companion Solutions

Companion solutions such as Pro2 offer OpenEdge users easy access to OpenEdge applications while eliminating connectivity limitations and supporting uninterrupted business operations.

Application Security

Application security in OpenEdge provides additional security features such as a hardware security module, JSON web encryption and transparent data encryption to enhance application security.

Management Console

A management console in OpenEdge can help users by providing a cloud-ready platform to manage multiple OpenEdge resources.


Progress OpenEdge 12.8

Your application evolution journey starts here.