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Progress OpenEdge is the fundamental application development environment that keeps your business running. Our constant innovation enables you to leverage technology advancements to quickly deliver high-performing business applications that your users not only need, but want.

Application Evolution

Progress’ Application Evolution process enables you to continually evolve your application as business requirements shift. The result is an app that’s always producing value, enabling the organization to evolve, thrive and compete. Progress Application Evolution methodology for OpenEdge spans:


Evolving the architecture means breaking up a monolith into smaller components. Refactoring and exposing the codebase allows the app to be easily adapted and is often significantly less costly and time consuming than a complete rewrite.


Applications that drive specific business processes need to scale quickly and efficiently, and cloud-based apps do so while simultaneously providing deployment speed and flexibility that decreases overall costs.

Data Integration and Management

Evolving specific components of the OpenEdge RDBMS will provide better performance and management to achieve more uptime, increase extensibility or fortify security.


Evolving the security of the application is important for both protecting the system from unauthorized users and staying in compliance with regulatory mandates such as GDPR.


Evolve the user interface and experience of the application by exploring the current state of the application flow and how it needs to change to provide the most engaging experience possible.


To achieve DevOps, the organization must optimize resources and improve efficiency of processes to enable incremental change and achieve continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). This agility enables the organization to develop and deploy application functionality more rapidly in response to business needs.

The OpenEdge Platform Architecture

Customers rely on OpenEdge to be the most innovative, reliable, and affordable application development platform in the industry. With our latest release—OpenEdge 12.1—you can build, scale and protect mission-critical business applications that are flexible enough to continuously evolve with the business. This is the OpenEdge 11 portfolio:

API Clients

Set of standards-based routines, protocols, services and tools for building and integrating business applications

Trusted Solution

From independent IT consultants to industry-leading entrepreneurs to corporate titans, OpenEdge powers organizations worldwide across every industry imaginable. They stay with us because it works—better than any other app development platform out there.


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