OpenEdge Command Center

Supercharge productivity in the management and administration of OpenEdge

Cloud-ready Management Console for Managing Multiple OpenEdge Resources

The OpenEdge Command Center (OECC) is a cutting-edge cloud ready OpenEdge management console for managing multiple PAS for OpenEdge instances and OpenEdge Databases. 

High Availability:

The OpenEdge Command Center server can be deployed on multiple servers managed by a load balancer like Nginx.


Built-in user management for system administrators ensures that you have secure control of OpenEdge Command Center user permissions in your environment. Ability to generate Agent Keys from server ensure authenticity of the agents.


Reduce administrative overhead for system administrators.

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Key Benefits

Modern and Intuitive Web Interface

Modern Web based management console accessible through all modern browsers running on Desktop Computers and iPad/Tablet devices too.

Load Balancing

In the event of a planned or unplanned outage of an OpenEdge Command Center server, other OpenEdge Command Center servers will balance the load without impacting the end user.

Lightweight Agents

The OpenEdge Command Center agent is a lightweight process that consumes less footprint of your system resources. No hassles of dealing with port conflicts and no need to raise tickets to open new ports to run the agent. This eliminates administrative overheads and lowers the cost of ownership.

Bring Your Own Choice of APM Tools

Offers an ability to support customer choice of Open source and/or enterprise performance monitoring tools by exposing performance metrics for PAS for OpenEdge and OpenEdge Database in OpenTelemetry standard.

Key Features

  • Deploy the server as a single node or, if configured for high availability, a multi-node cluster.
  • Discover, view, create, update, delete, clone and configure PAS for OpenEdge Instances.
  • Deploy ABL applications, REST services from a SPoG (Single Pane of Glass) View that allows easy and quick access to the ABL apps/services in your enterprise.
  • Built with API First approach, supports Open API standards with Swagger UI and Redoc documentation to enable faster integration use cases. 

OpenEdge Command Center
Self-Service Dashboard


OpenEdge Command Center comes with a self-service dashboard powered with a Getting Started video, quick links, auto-discovery of application servers, and pull-down notifications to review administrative tasks.

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Enhance Monitoring and Insights in OpenEdge Applications

OpenTelemetry Metrics

Administrators can use the collected metrics to understand performance issues and accordingly tune the OpenEdge resources for optimal performance. The performance metrics are collected using the OpenTelemetry (OTel) standards.

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Clone PAS for OpenEdge Instances

Administrators can clone a PAS for OpenEdge (PASOE) instance to quickly create identical PAS for OpenEdge instances and help set up load balancing. Users can create up to 8 identical PAS for OpenEdge instances in a single clone operation. For cloning, the platform of the destination OpenEdge installations must be the same as the source PAS for OpenEdge instance. Also, if the source PAS for OpenEdge instance refers to external files or folders, the cloned instances may not work as expected.

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What’s New in OECC 1.3

  • Automatically discover running databases, eliminating the need to enter the database connection details manually
  • System administrators will now have the databases present on the servers listed on a OECC dashboard, view their real time status and perform basic database management operations like start and stop
  • REST API in OpenAPI standards to control database processes and view real time status
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Additional Resources


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The OpenEdge 12.6 release introduced support for OpenTelemetry Metrics with OpenEdge Command Center 1.2.

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OpenEdge Command Center

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The OpenEdge Command Center is a cloud-ready OpenEdge management console.

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OpenEdge Command Center Console Dashboard

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OpenEdge Command Center

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In this video, you learn about the basics of the OpenEdge Command Center user interface and about some of the first time tasks that you need to complete.

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OpenEdge Command Center REST API

Learn more about how OECC is built with API First approach, supports Open API standards with Swagger UI and Redoc documentation to enable faster integration use cases.

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