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Businesses need engaging, high-impact business applications that enable them to operate efficiently while standing out from the crowd. For over 40 years, Progress has worked to empower companies to bring enterprise applications to life with the Progress® OpenEdge® application development platform.

Its reliability, cost-effectiveness and focus on addressing evolving demands, continues to make Progress OpenEdge a wise investment for 100k+ businesses worldwide, including yours.

Build Confidently on Time-Tested Technology

Progress has a durable, predictable financial model that provides reliability and stability over time for OpenEdge customers. With 21% of revenue reinvested into R&D and a track record of successful acquisitions, the OpenEdge platform is always evolving to support new business needs as they emerge. When you build with OpenEdge, you build with confidence for today and tomorrow.

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Forrester Consulting Study—The Total Economic Impact™ of Progress OpenEdge 12 Series

Keeping up with advancing technology and staying competitive requires staying ahead of the competition. The Progress OpenEdge 12.x series provides a development platform to meet customers growing expectations for productivity, security and performance.

Database Trends and Applications Trend Setting Product for 2020

Progress OpenEdge was chosen by Database Trends and Applications as a trend setting product in Data and Information Management; recognized in helping organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make decisions faster, and do so with higher levels of security.

Evolve Your OpenEdge Application to Deliver Today’s Business Needs

Modernizing your application isn’t a one-time event, it’s an ongoing process. Our Application Evolution approach helps your revitalize your OpenEdge application with new capabilities and deployment options. Ensure your OpenEdge application meets today’s requirements for extensibility, scalability, security, performance and agility to keep ahead of market demands.

Customers can reap the benefits of a bevy of tools that specialize in modern application development by opting for an incremental approach to application modernization that avoids a costly and gratuitous re-architecting of an entire application. An incremental and gradual approach to application modernization provides stakeholders with the desired modernization outcome while preserving the strongest attributes of the legacy application in question.

Arnal Dayaratna Senior Analyst, IDC

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An Application Platform Designed to Meet High Expectations

The OpenEdge roadmap revolves around providing best-in-class capabilities for available, scalable, secure and maintainable applications for modern application development. With the forward-looking OpenEdge roadmap supporting you, you can devote more of your time to solving market demands. Should you have roadmap questions, please contact your account manager.

With the Progress Customer Validation Program (CVP), hundreds of highly-engaged OpenEdge developers even have a unique opportunity to actively influence the roadmap. Your feedback meaningfully impacts the developer experience and future enhancements of OpenEdge, so join today.

Join the OpenEdge community and learn from the successes of other businesses on the latest version of OpenEdge


Special Edition: OpenEdge Pathfinders

OpenEdge Pathfinders takes you into the OpenEdge realm and spotlights the modernization superstars that power their business with OpenEdge. Take a look at the customers who help to make OpenEdge what it is today and see where you can go.

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Bolster Your Application with Our Strong
Tech Alliances

Take advantage of our alliances with major technology partners to level up your OpenEdge deployment. From flexible cloud deployment options to support for key third-party plugins, you can do more (and do it more easily) with OpenEdge.

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Customer Success Stories

There are so many new developments and product enhancements with OpenEdge. Our customers and partners are achieving amazing results. Let’s show you what they are doing today.

We are particularly excited about its performance and ability to truly scale. We’re glad to have it in our production environment, especially for our larger customers.

Ken Walsh Product Manager Constellation Financing Systems Read Case Study

Most businesses are turning towards a business-to-consumer experience, and that is what both employees and managers are expecting.

Morten Janum CIO and Vice President, Mark Information Learn more Read Case Study

We didn’t want to use the production database for reporting and all the integrations with other applications. We needed something that would alleviate stress from the production database. Pro2 was exactly what we were looking for.

Izabella Legocka Director of IT Applications at Turtle & Hughes Learn more Read Case Study
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Delivering Software that Meets your Expectations is our Number One Priority.