Progress OpenEdge for Database Administrators

Progress OpenEdge can assist DBAs in resolving issues with automation, data integration, security, and major pain points linked to database performance. By doing so, database operations may become more reliable and efficient, freeing DBAs to work on more important projects.

Introducing the New Managed Database Administration (MDBA) Dashboard

Introducing the New Managed Database Administration (MDBA) Dashboard

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DBAs Are Empowered with OpenEdge

Progress OpenEdge DBAs play a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of applications built on the platform. They are responsible for ensuring that the database is configured correctly, is secure, and performs well. They also play an essential role in troubleshooting and resolving issues as they arise.

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Why DBAs Trust Progress OpenEdge

  • Performance Tuning

    OpenEdge allows DBAs to identify and address performance issues in real-time. This helps to ensure that applications are running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Security

    OpenEdge includes robust security features that help to prevent security breaches and other data-related issues.

  • Recovery

    Administrators can perform backups of their data, ensuring that data is protected from any loss or damage. Avoid the lost revenue, tarnished reputation and customer dissatisfaction that accompany database outages or unplanned downtime.

Progress OpenEdge Has All the Features a Database Administrator Needs

OpenEdge is the leading platform for developing enterprise applications needing high-performance, high availability and flexible deployment options for extensibility, scalability, security and reliability. Users around the world are using the OpenEdge applications to build innovative business applications that are the backbone of healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and other industries.

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Recover a database that was damaged when a failure caused the loss of the database or primary recovery area.


Avoid the lost revenue, tarnished reputation and customer dissatisfaction that accompany database outages or unplanned downtime.


Balance both security and performance needs in a complete out-of-the-box solution, using standard encryption libraries and encryption key management for secure, encrypted data.


Managing multiple PAS for OpenEdge instances and OpenEdge Databases with a cloud ready management console.


A Conversation with Progress OpenEdge’s Top Managed Database Administration Expert: Insights into the MDBA Service

We get the candid take on the OpenEdge Managed Database Administration (MDBA) Service from Roy Ellis, Director of the MDBA team. Discover what he thinks about our customers and what type of company he believes is the best candidate for the managed DBA service.

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