OpenEdge Advanced Security

Satisfy industry demands, enhance application security, and meet regulatory compliance

The Security of Your Applications Is Essential to Business Operations

Security is top of mind for any business, as their mission critical applications need to be secure and protected from outside threats. With customers’ concerns in mind, the Progress OpenEdge Advanced Security package provides the additional level of security that these enterprises need.

Key Features of the
OpenEdge Advanced Security Package

Dynamic Data Masking

Help comply with data regulations by allowing users to mask fields from unauthorized users. Administrators can help ensure data privacy and protection, meet regulatory requirements and safeguard sensitive information.

  • Track DDM activities, changes, and rule management.
  • Control sensitive data access using authorization tags.
  • Alert DB clients about DDM schema changes.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Numerous industries, including the public, financial, and insurance sectors, require the highest level of security when storing and using cryptographic keys. HSM accomplishes this by:

  • Tamper-resistant hardware
  • Stores and protects keys and makes available to authorized users
  • Keys do not need to be loaded into the web/application server memory 

JSON Web Encryption 

There are standards to safeguard user identification in business applications. These measures would be used by organizations to:

  • Confirm who is who when trying to access and use varying business applications
  • Make sure that information is only visible to those who are permitted to view them

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Growing data confidentiality needs are reflected in increasing TDE security requirements. TDE provides data confidentiality through the ability of its industry-standard encryption ciphers along with security key protection and storage to resist attacks.

  • Control access to stored private data, or “at rest,” is at the core of the OpenEdge TDE solution.
  • Execute at full speed with less than 2% performance degradation while encrypting and decrypting.

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OpenEdge Advanced Security

Satisfy industry demands, enhance application security, and meet regulatory compliance

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