OpenEdge Multi-Tenant Tables

Provide database support to a number of separate and distinct groups of users for effective deployment and management of cloud applications. 

Faster SaaS and Cloud Deployment

A multi-tenant database provides database support to a number of separate and distinct groups of users—especially helpful when deploying SaaS applications in the Cloud.

Tenant support is implemented in a number of ways, including:

  • Database layer
  • Built-in support for multiple tenants within a single database
  • Tenant-aware database utilities and tools

The data administration console also makes it easier to manage tenants. It includes the ability to:

  • Rename tenants, tenant groups and/or tenant domains
  • Dump and load tenant data
  • Filter and batch large datasets via an improved user interface
  • Back-up and restore

Tenant partition management also features drag and drop support, making management much easier.


Secure, Physical Separation of Data with OpenEdge Multi-Tenancy

Get detailed information about multi-tenancy, and how the OpenEdge database architecture can super-charge multi-tenancy for your business—while also making it easier to manage.


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