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OpenEdge developers build innovative applications that are the backbone of travel, manufacturing, healthcare, financial and other industries.

Programming in OpenEdge is easy. No previous knowledge of coding is required. There is a high demand for OpenEdge Developers across the globe. 

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Approx. 73 hours
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TrainingsHoursAssessment exam
Introduction to Progress OpenEdge
Introduction to OpenEdge Database
Introduction to OpenEdge Application Architecture
Introduction to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge for Developers
Introduction to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
Introduction to object-oriented Programming
Using ProDataSets
ABL Essentials
OpenEdge Developer Certification Exam

Earn Badges

By passing the assessment exams, you earn badges in the Progress Community. The Progress OpenEdge Community offers her developer community on-demand information to ensure the success of projects. Developers can download products, access libraries, user forums, and code samples.

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What is Progress OpenEdge

Progress OpenEdge is an integrated and productive application platform for the development, deployment and management of these backend business applications.

Learn ABL

The Advanced Business Language (ABL), a fourth-generation programming language (4GL), is the programming language in the Progress OpenEdge application development platform.

What is a fourth-generation programming language (4GL)?

The 4GL coding language reduces software development's overall time, effort and cost with database queries, report generators, data manipulation and more.

ABL is designed specifically to express business processes as efficiently as possible. ABL is used by more than 100,000 organizations, six million+ business users and many more mobile users.

  • Includes a full-featured tool set, with an editor, compiler, debugger, data dictionary, and data administration utilities

  • Provides an ideal solution for software vendors who want to allow their end users to customize or maintain an application on-site in the cloud

  • Supports Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms

Key Benefits

Clean and Scalable Code

Easy to Learn

Financial and Career Growth

Hear From Other Developers

If you just want to fiddle around with code, choose Java or Python. For a business application, you build it in Progress OpenEdge!

Michiel Herpers MES engineer at CGI

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OpenEdge is easy to learn and very efficient to code.

Michaël Vallière OpenEdge Developer at Proginov

Progress OpenEdge Platform Powers

OpenEdge is the most dependable, cutting-edge, and affordable application development platform in the market thanks to its programming language, integrated database, data replication, and numerous other features that keep applications operating efficiently. We’ve heard time and time again, it just works!

The #1 US Bank

The world’s #2 car manufacturer

The world’s #1 chemical distribution company

The world’s largest restaurant chain

#1 breakfast cereal manufacturer

Try It Out Yourself

Without installing any software, you can now write, run, and share ABL code from your browser. ABL can be tested out by new and aspiring OpenEdge developers without the multiple steps of installation and configuration.

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