OpenEdge RDBMS
Advanced Enterprise Edition

Top data management challenges—solved.


Progress OpenEdge RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE) combines five great products that help you better manage and protect your data. The result: a scalable, multi-processing environment that supports thousands of concurrent users and terabytes of data, with increased efficiency and high availability.

OpenEdge RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition
Solution Brief

OpenEdge RDBMS | Advanced Enterprise Edition

Rapid changes in today’s business environment mean your tools need to both keep pace and be powerful enough to manage your intensive database challenges. Progress delivers an innovative cloud computing and application production solution in one package—without breaking your budget or sacrificing security.

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What's included

  • Transparent Data Encryption

    Boosts data security and prevents breaches by encrypting all or part of your database without changing the application

  • Table Partitioning

    Partitioning tables into smaller, more manageable units, is fundamental to a continuous availability strategy

  • Multi-tenancy

    Spread the cost of infrastructure across your customer base and reduce development and deployment costs as you tackle the SaaS market

  • Disaster Recovery

    Near real-time continuous duplication for fast data recovery, minimizing the impact of unexpected outages

  • High-Visibility Management

    Monitor database use in real-time and troubleshoot problems before they occur


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