OpenEdge Pro2

Gain quick, easy access to mission-critical data without disrupting normal business operations or risking stability.


Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2 data replication is a solution that provides easy, fast replication from OpenEdge into a separate OpenEdge, SQL Server or Oracle database. Gain quick and easy access to mission-critical data from your OpenEdge system, without disrupting normal business operations or risking transactional database stability.

OpenEdge Pro2

How it works

Replication triggers or change data capture automatically capture all data changes; this means minimal information is written to the queue to identify the updated record.

Next, the multi-threaded replication process retrieves the updated record and the queued data in the replication is moved to the target database. Done in near real-time, the I/O operation is optimized with the updated record residing in cache. Any analysis can be run against current data in a replicated database, leaving the transactional database resources to their normal activities, all while feeling confident your data is accurate and secure.

With Pro2 5.0 you can utilize the powerful capability of OpenEdge Change Data Capture, available in 11.7, to replicate data significantly faster.


OpenEdge Pro2 5.0: Faster and Easier

Now, you can supercharge your data replication performance with the latest release of Progress OpenEdge Pro2—especially if you’ve upgraded to OpenEdge 11.7. Learn how you can improve replication speed and simplify maintenance and configuration with OpenEdge Pro2 5.0.

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