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Progress OpenEdge provides developers with a set of tools and technologies to build robust, scalable, and secure applications for various industries.

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What is a Progress OpenEdge Developer

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Why Developers Trust Progress OpenEdge

  • Developer Productivity

    Be more productive by streamlining workflow and reducing the time it takes to build and maintain applications.

  • Scalability

    OpenEdge is designed to handle large volumes of data and transactions, allowing developers to build applications that scale as the organization grows.

  • Security

    OpenEdge includes built-in security features, such as encryption, database management, and more.

Progress OpenEdge Has All the Features a Developer Needs

OpenEdge is the leading platform for developing enterprise applications needing high-performance, high availability and flexible deployment options for extensibility, scalability, security and reliability. Users around the world are using the OpenEdge applications to build innovative business applications that are the backbone of healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and other industries.

Create APIs for .NET, JavaScript, Java clients, Java messaging and even map database schema to XML formats, while still leveraging the efficiency of ABL. 

Bring your application into the future by modernizing experiences and limiting security vulnerabilities.

Support thousands of concurrent users and terabytes of data, with increased efficiency and high availability.

Hear From Developers

ABL is easy to learn, with a basic syntax and a great IDE that brings productivity to the software engineering team

Lucas Santos Bicalho Developer for Equiplex of the H.Egidio Group 

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Lucas Santos Bicalho

If you just want to fiddle around with code, choose Java or Python. For a business application, you build it in Progress OpenEdge!

Michiel Herpers MES engineer at CGI

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Michiel Herpers

OpenEdge is easy to learn and very efficient to code.

Michaël Vallière OpenEdge Developer at Proginov

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Michael Valliere


Supercharge Developer Productivity with Progress OpenEdge

With Progress OpenEdge, developers are more productive.

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