Progress Application Server
for OpenEdge

Leverage time-tested rock-solid OpenEdge business logic and meet the innovative technology needs of today's users.

Make Your OpenEdge Application Secure & Cloud-Ready

The Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge is an efficient, highly-scalable, secure and standards-based application server requiring fewer system resources and easing installation, configuration and management. This innovative technology helps you bring your application into the future by modernizing experiences and limiting security vulnerabilities.

PAS is now available in a Docker container with an upgrade to the OpenEdge 12 series. This allows higher availability of apps while improving resource utilization.

Key Benefits


PAS for OpenEdge is built upon the industry-standard Apache Tomcat web server framework, installed, configured and monitored as a web server that supports easy to create HTML-based frontends for users of OpenEdge-based applications.


With Spring Security Framework included, our innovative application server was designed on the latest standards for secure operation. Availability began with OpenEdge 11.7, this sophisticated technology is the foundation for the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, ensuring trusted identity management by hardening the overall security of your OpenEdge application environment.


PAS for OpenEdge provides a scalable and cloud-ready server to optimize operations and reduce management costs. This modern application development platform unifies all of the Progress products into a single application server technology, providing customers a familiar programming model, increased communications, simple/consistent installations and easier management.

Supports ABL Development and Deployment

PAS for OpenEdge is specifically tailored to support ABL application development and deployment environments. Designed to use significantly fewer system resources than the original OpenEdge AppServer, PAS for OpenEdge enhances scalability and improves performance of your business applications.

REST Services

To build a safe, scalable API interface for your application, PAS for OpenEdge can deploy REST services using its RESTful Service Interface. PAS for OpenEdge will make it simple to establish services using pre-existing tables and business logic and will provide you with better and more control over how users and applications access your data.

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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

Evolve your application to address user demands by providing improved experiences and reducing security risks with the PAS for OpenEdge.

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