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Enable immediate connectivity to business intelligence, data integration, reporting tools, and more


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Enables use of reports from Progress OpenEdge in third-party tools

Codeless Implementation

Optimize performance and compatibility without application changes


Certified DataDirect quality guarantees Progress OpenEdge and application compatibility

Broad Coverage

Broad application support providing full ANSI SQL support

Learning & Support


Tutorial: Connect to JIRA from Tableau and Other Popular Reporting Tools

Connect to JIRA from your favorite analytics and reporting tools such as Tableau, Tibco, or SAP Lumira using the Progress DataDirect Connector for JIRA.

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Connecting to REST APIs, Salesforce and More from SAS Access

Learn how you can easily connect to any REST API, plus Salesforce and more, from SAS with JDBC using our DataDirect connectors.

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DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline: Overview

The Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline is a lightweight data access platform that you can install either in the cloud or behind your firewall. It provides simple, secure access to your cloud and on-premises data sources for your business intelligence tools and applications. You maintain complete control over the platform and its connectivity to the data sources and applications in your specific business environment.

This video takes a brief look at the connectivity challenges created when a wide variety of data types and applications reside in different environments, then demonstrates how the Data Pipeline addresses those challenges.

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Success Story

UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven, one of Belgium’s largest hospitals, needed a efficient complex data migration from multiple sources to be shared across 200 applications and multiple facilities. Using Progress® DataDirect® OpenAccess their IT team was able to create a database emulation layer that made it possible to pre-configure and test database integration with DB2 on all 200 applications.

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Success Story

Toyota Motor Sales

When Toyota Motor Sales introduced Progress DataDirect for ODBC to their intricate data architecture, they saved $100,000 in 24 hours. Learn more in this case study from Progress Software.

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Query any REST API using SQL via JDBC in 5 mins - Getting Started (Part 1)

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Connect to Amazon Redshift using ODBC from Python on Linux

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Simplifying OpenEdge Data Access with DataDirect

Your business demands a wider degree of access to your data. In this demonstration, you’ll see how OpenEdge and Autonomous REST Connector can provide you with the superior data access capabilities your business needs to succeed.

Learn how you can:

  • Query your JSDO and REST APIs using SQL
  • Transform or mask data to address compliance regulation requirements
  • Offer seamless connectivity in minutes while improving data security and integrity

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Analytics Continuity During GDPR via Data Masking

With GDPR now live, many enterprises have been forced to sideline their analytics projects to avoid the threat of huge penalties. However, there is another way—data masking enables enterprises to ensure analytics continuity while maintaining GDPR compliance. Learn more in this webinar, where we discuss:

  • GDPR’s impact on analytics
  • Exceptions to data retention policies
  • Data masking for analytics continuity
  • Security best practices for data masking
  • A live demonstration of data masking

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OData: The Fastest Way to RESTify Your Databases

REST APIs have become increasingly popular for accessing enterprise data from web and mobile applications. But are REST APIs good enough? You still need a different client codebase for every REST API in use, which can quickly become a technical burden.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why you need to RESTify databases
  • Why companies are using OData
  • How your enterprise can RESTify your databases via OData
  • What role DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline plays in this process

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Technical Whitepaper: OpenEdge Change Data Capture and the ETL Process

Keeping the multitude of data sources housed within an organization updated is a cumbersome and time intensive process. Having accurate data at your fingertips helps drive business success, and the ability to precisely capture changes and efficiently export and synchronize those changes with data repositories and warehouses enhances visibility and operational productivity.

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