OpenEdge Table Partitioning

Enhance the availability, manageability and performance of your enterprise database

Partition Database Tables to Improve Management & Performance

OpenEdge Table Partitioning can greatly enhance the availability, manageability and performance of almost any enterprise database. By partitioning tables into smaller, more manageable units, database administrators use a "divide and conquer" approach to data management.

Key Benefits

  • More focused maintenance
  • Considerable flexibility in partition management
  • Greater query efficiency
  • Transparency to the application, with minimal changes required

Because queries can be pruned to isolate index usage for a particular partition—and the index for that partition—they run more efficiently. Even better, spreading index contention across multiple indices removes the all-too-familiar single-index bottleneck.



Improved Data Availability and Manageability

OpenEdge Table Partitioning effectively organizes data in storage, increasing data access speed and reducing operational costs.

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