What’s New in OpenEdge

We continuously evolve OpenEdge with new features and enhancements to help you meet demand for application performance, availability, security and data management.

OpenEdge Pro2 6.0

OpenEdge Pro2 has always provided fast data replication from OpenEdge into a separate OpenEdge, SQL Server or Oracle database—without disrupting normal business operations or risking transactional database stability. We’ve evolved version 6.0 with expanded functionality and a modern interface for improved efficiency, productivity and proactive monitoring.

Key Features of Pro2 6.0

  • UX dashboard minimizes configuration management and provides high visibility into real-time performance analytics.

  • UX Replication Wizard allows creation of new replication processes without having to maintain external parameter files.

  • Job runner, UX actions and UX mapping allow control of processes within the browser.

  • A bulk-load functionality interface from within the browser eases set up and maintenance.

OpenEdge 12.0

OpenEdge 12’s new features and enhancements help developers to meet escalating demands for application functionality, performance, availability and security.

Performance and Scale

Continuous Operations

  • Replication AI file streaming transmits AI blocks to the disaster recovery target as they are generated, drastically reducing the possibility of data loss during a failure

  • PAS for OpenEdge HealthScanner helps identify performance anomalies and can automate recycling agent processes to reduce failure risks and increase application uptime

Agile Development and Deployment

  • Swagger UI support for underlying management of REST APIs available in PAS for OpenEdge

  • New options in ABL Editor allow code formatting to ensure coding best practices; and compile keyboard shortcut to improve developer productivity

Advanced Security

  • The latest version of Spring Security and OpenSSL strengthens security in PAS for OpenEdge and fortifies secure communications

  • High priority issues identified by internal security scans are addressed for improved infrastructure security

  • Vulnerable security ciphers removed from the product; included are detailed migration best practices for moving to more secure ciphers

  • More secure file permission on multiple utilities helps ensure only authorized staff have access


Nine Steps Closer to Five 9s

OpenEdge 12.0 delivers improvements, at least nine of them, that reduce maintenance downtime, speed error detection and resolution, and practically eliminate the possibility of data loss in the event of unexpected downtime.


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