Progress OpenEdge 11.6

Modernize, mobilize and secure your
business applications for today's world. 

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Build and protect beautiful applications and deploy across any platform and mobile device—on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. With OpenEdge technology and services, you can readily extend your mission-critical business application with the latest in innovative technology trends to improve your business agility. 

The latest release delivers everything you need to advance your technology and business into the digital age with “apptitude”—
the right technology and expertise that help you gain and maintain a
competitive advantage. Get started today.


OpenEdge 11.6 +Mobility

Learn how the latest 11.6 edition of Progress OpenEdge + Mobility can give you the Apptitude to scale new peaks. See how it delivers the cost-effective technology and expertise you need to build and protect beautiful, modern, high-performing applications.

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New features in OpenEdge 11.6

Progress OpenEdge 11.6 features at a glance

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Key Features

Boost Your WebSpeed Applications

Modernize Progress OpenEdge web applications and minimize development cost and effort, by migrating existing WebSpeed applications to the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge.

Current WebSpeed applications can be run with little or no changes, while your application is opened to a multitude of new coding possibilities and tools. Your web applications will perform at an even higher level than what you’re accustomed to, while web server scalability will improve by leaps and bounds.

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Strengthen Security

Sleep soundly knowing your business is protected by the latest Transport Layered Security (TLS), which ensures privacy between communicating applications and application users on the Internet, and prohibits third-party eavesdropping or tampering. Minimize risk of malicious attacks and protect your customers and your business by meeting information security standards, such as those for the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Create Custom Installs

Use the Progress OpenEdge custom installation bundle utility to create a smaller, more tailored installation image. This reduced image contains only the files required for the specific components you need to install. With this customized install image you not only reduce footprint, but increase efficiencies for individual deployments — ultimately reducing install process costs for your business.

SQL Enhancements

Continuing our efforts in OpenEdge 11 to deliver extensive SQL enhancements, our newest release delivers performance optimization, support for new linguistic collation and autonomous schema updates. Leverage additional SQL capabilities with OpenEdge Analytics360 and standard SQL access to the OpenEdge RDBMS.

Gotta’ Have It: Top Requests

We are devoted to providing technology that helps to advance your business, lower your costs and increase your operational efficiencies. We dedicate development resources to delivering on top priorities—voted on by the community. In our latest release, you’ll find an application performance profiler, OO support for enumerations and reflections, single-line comment support and more – all popular requests from the OpenEdge development community.

Mobilize Your OpenEdge Applications. Fast.

The new Progress mobility product, Telerik Platform for OpenEdge, enables you to extend your OpenEdge applications and go mobile.  We have combined the mobile app development, test and deployment features, recognized by leading technology analyst Gartner, with easy-to-use JavaScript Data Objects (JSDO) for effortless integration of mobile apps with Progress OpenEdge and Progress® Rollbase® data sources.

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Next-generation OpenEdge Developers

Introducing the OpenEdge Developers Kit: Classroom Edition, a new application development toolkit designed for aspiring developers eager to make an impact through business-critical applications. Students learn at their own pace while they experiment with free software downloads and online education resources, and interact with a worldwide community of expert OpenEdge developers and customers. 

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Progress OpenEdge

Boost your applications for the digital age with OpenEdge 11.6