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We continuously evolve OpenEdge with new features and enhancements to help you meet demand for application performance, availability, security and data management.

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7 Reasons to Upgrade to 12.1

OpenEdge 12.1 continues to address the need for high-availability, delivers increased database performance, strengthens security and improves developer productivity. Here’s a snapshot of what you will find when you test drive OpenEdge 12.1:

  • Minimize planned downtime with the ability to keep the OpenEdge database up and running when modifying startup parameters online.

  • Shorten mean time to repair (MTTR) with improved in memory silent logging capabilities for OpenEdge applications running on PAS for OpenEdge.

  • Execute dynamic queries with joins on the server-side to improve performance of ABL queries.

  • Gain additional replication information via tools like VST to facilitate better management of OpenEdge Replication, reducing application downtime during a database failover.

  • Advance monitoring capabilities for Progress OpenEdge Database and Progress Application Server for OpenEdge with an updated New Relic Plugin.

  • Easily refresh agents in an ABL application to conduct online schema updates for increased availability for a PAS for OpenEdge instance and to help address memory leaks.

  • Run PAS for OpenEdge in a certified Docker container to decrease time needed to build a modern, production-grade deployment. Deploy your OpenEdge applications as sidecar containers running side by side with a highly-available cluster of PAS for OpenEdge containers.


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