Application Evolution

Modernizing your application isn’t a one-time event. Rapidly emerging requirements make application evolution imperative.

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The Challenge

The Pace of Change is Accelerating

Many enterprises operate business-critical applications developed years ago—many of which were built on Progress® OpenEdge®.  However, to stay competitive, enterprises need to meet emerging requirements such as:

Data growth driving increased need for connecting to, storing and leveraging data
Growing expectations with respect to user experiences
Demand for continuous availability of applications and access to data
Cloud deployment to increase flexibility and scalability

Evolving your application is how to meet these emerging requirements in an agile way.

The relationship with Progress is great. The responsiveness and professionalism—it helps us do what we need to do and focus on serving our customers.

Ajay Kamble CTO, Turtle & Hughes

In our migration to 12.1 we primarily focused on performance gains and giving a boost to our user experience. Moving to 12.2 continues that performance journey, while adding in that stability aspect with long-term support. That is especially critical for stabilizing our larger, more complex implementations in the markets we serve.

Morten Janum CIO and Vice President, Mark Information

Customers can reap the benefits of a bevy of tools that specialize in modern application development by opting for an incremental approach to application modernization that avoids a costly and gratuitous re-architecting of an entire application. An incremental and gradual approach to application modernization provides stakeholders with the desired modernization outcome while preserving the strongest attributes of the legacy application in question.

Arnal Dayaratna Senior Analyst, IDC

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The Solution

Evolve Your App to Meet Today’s Imperatives

Today’s business, competitive and user demands fall into seven categories—or imperatives—that evolving your OpenEdge application can help satisfy:

Extensibility and Integration

Extend information and capabilities across many connections, devices and data sources.


Grow and scale the app as users and connections increase without affecting performance.


Accelerate app response time to user input or finish work under normal and peak loads.

High Availability

Set goals of continuous uptime and data continuity in case of a disaster or breach.


Protect systems from threats while complying with regulatory mandates.

Engaging Usability

Improve the presentation layer's ability to provide intuitive, satisfying experiences.

Organizational Agility

Develop and deploy new application functionality quickly and productively.


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