OpenEdge Replication

Near real-time, continuous data duplication to protect you from unexpected outages.


Avoid the lost revenue, tarnished reputation and customer dissatisfaction that accompany database outages or unplanned downtime by using OpenEdge Replication.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates as many points of failure as possible
  • Protects you from a single point of failure at the server instance level
  • Offers a two-server connection to your production database
  • Performs with complete transparency to applications running on the platform

Key Features

  • NEW! Replication Target Synchronization provides a three-pronged failover approach for ongoing maintenance and automatic transition in case of unplanned downtime.
  • NEW! Online Index Activation allows you to add new indexes to the schema without downtime. Add indexes at your convenience, but deploy changes when ready without disrupting the application.

OpenEdge Replication or Replication+ customers can upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7 and get these new features for free. Contact your Progress Account Manager to learn more.


Gain Peace of Mind

To effectively compete in today's digital economy, information and mission-critical applications must be available 24x7x365. Learn how target synchronization and online index activation reduce response time to unplanned downtime and increase your maintenance flexibility.   

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